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Telefonix Business Solutions From SMB To PLC

For the SMB

For the small business, value solutions for multitasking employees that make the most of small business agility to succesfully compete with larger enterprises remain a popular option.

Medium-sized companies

Medium-sized businesses have successfully scaled the challenges of small company growth but often need to reinvent their infrastructure to accomodate the challenges of growing to a large company

PLC Solutions

Enterprise solutions demand best of breed reliability for a wide range of specialised employees, looking for products, services and technology to forge ahead of international business rivals

Telefonix, Your Avaya Partner

At Telefonix Voice & Data, our 21st century converged voice and data solutions unify your telecoms and IT to seamlessly deliver voice, messaging, conferencing and IT facilities to any employee employed by your business - anywhere, anytime, and in exactly the format they need. This, the new generation of office phone systems, does away with the idea of just a 'phone on a desk' as a isolated telecoms service but replaces this with an integrated and unified 360° business communications network.

Get things right for your small business infrastructure and future with converged services from Telefonix Voice & Data: the Avaya SME Expert business partner. With us also being a Microsoft Small Business specialist, your small business phone system & IT network could not be in better hands.

Telefonix Voice and Data offers an unrivalled pedigree in Avaya IP Office phone systems, our specialty:- recognised by "what to buy for business 2009" as the best small business telephone system for companies with 500 users or less. Telefonix Voice & Data services companies throughout the UK, but we also have clients and deliver services to branches in Europe, EMEA & further afield.

With Telefonix as your telecoms, IT, Microsoft or Avaya partner, everything that your company needs for its technology requirement is under one roof, completely accountable, and only one quick call or email away:- 24/7, 365/365. Please explore further or have a look through our new dedicated office phone systems site and then contact us and put us to the test to see what we can do to help your business grow, thrive & survive.


Next Steps:

...SMB to PLC!

For the small business, value solutions for multitasking employees.
For the medium sized company, solutions to help you grow
For the enterprise, best of breed solutions to forge ahead of the competition.


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