Telefonix Voice & Data helps small, medium and enterprise companies in the UK with their Telecoms and IT needs, enabling them to thrive and expand. For more than 25 years our team of professionals have leveraged their deep technical expertise and industry experience to help clients design, implement and operate Telecoms and IT solutions which are fit for their businesses. We enable our clients to manage all of their Telecoms, and IT needs through a single, accountable source.

Telefonix communications services include everything from lines to systems, and our IT coverage extends from user-level security to enterprise-level network design and outsourced services.

Founded in 1987, Telefonix has successful partnerships with some of the most reliable and successful hardware and software companies, including Avaya, Microsoft, HP and IBM. Our philosophy is relatively simple: small, expanding companies find it difficult to afford the resources needed to build up a complete IT and telecoms infrastructure, so we're their "on-call" experts.

Our Partnership with Avaya

We are a long standing accredited partner for Avaya, holding the Sapphire designation level of partnership in the Mid-Market segment. Our Sapphire level demonstrates our capabilities, levels of expertise and our commitment to customer excellence, which is independently measured by Avaya annually directly with our clients. As Avaya experts we offer:

  • Award-winning technology, services, and cloud-based solutions
  • The best-fit solution for your business, based on proven capability and satisfaction
  • An exceptional experience, from our flexible solutions and world-class technology to our comprehensive support services.

To experience the best of Avaya and the award-winning IP Office, we created the Customer Experience Centre (CEC) here at our offices in Farnham, Surrey. Our CEC enables clients to experience first hand the power of the Avaya solutions, and the optimum configurations for their business without commitment and includes everything from handsets, headsets, software, and typical remote worker scenarios.

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My passion for smart and efficient business technology is as strong today as it was 20 years ago when I started Telefonix Voice & Data

My passion for smart and efficient business technology is as strong today as it was 20 years ago, when I started Telefonix Voice & Data. I pride myself on my company's extraordinary levels of customer service that you won't find anywhere else. We're fanatical about every customer - no matter how large or small - and we welcome the opportunity to prove this to you.

Mike KirbyMD & Founder - Telefonix

Customer Service

Customer service is in our DNA, and it is our top priority, we're completely accountable to our clients with full tracking for every support query. Nothing matters more than the service we provide because we know that excellent customer service is what keeps our clients coming back. We offer support contracts for 365 days a year and 24/7 service; we're always there to go the extra mile.


Quality is at the centre of everything we do; we hold ourselves accountable to focus on execution. We have a clear set of tried and tested processes to manage successful projects, communicating with you every step of the way. We examine every project to analyse our performance so that we can keep a philosophy of continuous improvement within the company. We invest heavily in the hardware, software and resources that a company needs to provide the best possible service, and we're always keen and available for feedback at any stage of the process.

One Supplier For All Your Needs

We understand that selecting the right type of phone system, IT network or email and productivity systems are so crucial for your business to run efficiently and grow. Clients come to us because we can design and customise solutions bespoke to their needs across all of their Telecoms and IT needs, from lines and minutes to systems, and from webmail to virtual servers ...


Accreditation distinguishes us from other suppliers. Every new employee is taken through a rigorous and comprehensive series of training programmes, teaching them detailed product knowledge, and for the Avaya products each employee receives a certified Avaya training course, along with examinations to accredit them. We have gained a significant number of qualifications and certifications from Avaya over the years, which has culminated in our certified Avaya Sapphire Partnership for Mid-Market.


We always pass supplier promotions directly onto our clients without taking a reseller cut. Over the years our promotions and bundles have been amongst the most competitive in the industry, and if you find one cheaper, come to us first, and we'll see if we can match it!

Investing In Our Team

We pride ourselves on technical excellence. We invest heavily in our staff training to ensure that every member of staff is always up to date in the fast moving world of business technology.


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Telefonix Voice & Data helps small, medium and enterprise companies in the UK with their Telecoms and IT needs, enabling them to thrive and expand. View More

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