Barman's Case Study

EXCERPT: Telefonix Voice & Data reached a decade of ongoing consultancy for Barmans in December 2015, a period that includes two generations of Avaya IP Office, new warehouses and offices for Barmans and many years of steady expansion of the business. According to Stuart Goode who has been there throughout this period, "... the phone system has been a great workhorse and done the job for the best part of ten years, ever since we've moved into the new building."

Speak to Emma and she's perfectly forthright with her thoughts: "I would definitely recommend Telefonix and Avaya IP Office to other people. There's nothing I can fault with it. The system does do exactly what it says on the tin! And, working with Telefonix works really well, we especially appreciate being able to come down to their demonstration centre to be shown solutions for new requirements."

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