Everyday Loans Case Study

EXCERPT: Commenting on the early success of the Everyday Loans rollout Mike Kirby, MD of Telefonix said, "Our business is about providing customers with relevant and cost effective technology solutions that work hard for them rather than the other way round. Everyday Loans is a great example of how we can help rapidly growing or changing businesses that don't want to focus on technology, but need it to be successful, affordable and scalable."

By incorporating and integrating technologies from Avaya, IBM, Microsoft and Citrix, Telefonix delivered a resilient, highly scalable internet protocol (IP) infrastructure based around the latest standards. IP telephony is used for telephone communication across the business' 25 branch offices. The Everyday Loans' multi-branch Avaya IP Office solution facilitates flexible and productive working in a rapidly evolving, multisite environment, as well as offering well documented cost and business benefits.

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