ISDN2 is a type of "Integrated Service Digital Network" system, the first step up from an analog line. ISND2 allows 2 lines whereas ISDN30 allows 8. For a small company telephone system with 2 incoming lines, ISDN2 is the connectivity package of choice which is why we also include a free internal ISDN2e card inside our office phone system bundles.

The choice between using the plain old telephone service (POTS) and ISDN2 does not just come down to economics. By using ISDN2 you will be able to introduce new features into your company's telephone system and make use of additional applications, which will enable your business to grow and take up any innovative opportunities offered by your customers and suppliers. Your company will take a further step from the analogue to the digital age.

A POTS line can be converted to a Basic Rate ISDN2 (BRI) line with two channels, or a new wire can be installed by Telefonix Voice & Data. To use a stand-alone computer for ISDN2 you need an internal ISDN card or an external terminal adapter. For a local area network (LAN), you need a router and/or an ISDN PBX or similar device. For computer telephony applications, an ISDN PBX with a computer interface is essential. As many ISDN2 applications have been designed for BRI, a Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) service may need a multiplexer device at the PBX in order to convert some of the channel interfaces to BRI.

  • connect to the Internet for sending email and browsing the Web
  • use dataconferencing and videoconferencing over the Internet or point-to-point
  • transfer files over the Internet or point-to-point
  • potentially, use the Internet for your standard telephone calls (voice over IP or IP telephony)
  • connect to your network from outside the office (remote access service or RAS)
  • synchronise your telephone and computer systems (computer telephony integration or CTI)
  • introduce advanced features such as Direct Dialing In (DDI), Multiple Subscriber Numbering (MSN) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
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