MPLS is a leased line equivalent service for corporate customers who need a highly resilient private network in order to run bandwidth-hungry applications. The service is ideal for businesses that run VPNs, IP telephony and business critical programmes such as accounts packages and stock information, which require large amounts of bandwidth and fast upload and download speeds. MPLS is a fully managed service with many value added services such as Internet connectivity, security hardware, specialist engineering time, network design, SLAs and most importantly, 24/7 support.

Telefonix Voice and Data provide specialist managed services such as high-bandwidth connectivity solutions for a wide range of enterprises. We provide robust, resilient and cost-effective IP VPN networks and internet access by combining our MPLS enabled high speed core with best of breed Ethernet providers. We have complete UK network coverage through close integration with the largest UK telecommunications carriers and our customers benefit from the dramatic improvements and cost reductions that are being delivered by next generation networks.

A cost effective, secure, flexible, scalable and fully managed service capable of carrying voice, video and data traffic, our MPLS provides the security of a VPN with superior performance for business-critical applications, plus the cost benefits of converging voice, data and video traffic on the same network. We are able to provide bandwidth on both Internet access and MPLS at speeds from broadband to multi-gigabit wavelengths. By combining multiple carriers and controlling the network from our datacentres with failover throughout, we guarantee complete network resilience for our customers.

We provide a managed, private wide area network for UK and international locations delivered through our state of the art strategic wide area network. The network can support and prioritise voice, multimedia and data traffic over a single converged network and is particularly suited to multi sites. Its flexibility also makes it easy to add and remove sites at any time.

  • If your existing corporate network is not delivering the speed your users need, MPLS will provide a better alternative
  • If you are planning to deploy converged services such as IP Telephony. MPLS will give you the bandwidth you need
  • If you need to make bandwidth-hungry business information and business tools available across multiple locations, MPLS will allow you to do so and guarantee the best quality of connection
  • If your company is geographically diverse, a leased line might not be financially viable
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