Enterprise Server Edition

Avaya Server Edition is Avaya's answer to the challenge posed by midsize companies moving to a new communications system. Server Edition allows for the greatest amount of flexibility in consolidating disparate elements, integrating remote and main locations and innovating with technology to give your company a business advantage over its competitors.

Consolidation is always the first step in telecoms projects, consolidation involves bringing your various systems at branch and head office locations into one centrally controlled and managed system. Successful consolidation of your telecoms infrastructure will give you a system that is much faster and easier to administer, both in terms of new staff and new hardware. Avaya Server Edition is ideally placed to create a system that is easily controlled centrally letting you consolidate your telecoms into a managable system.

A habit that we have noticed of successful companies is that they integrate software to work with their telephone system. In our experience, enabling staff to have the best possible communication, both internally with colleagues, and externally with customers, leads to the most dramatic return on your investment. This requires integration. Avaya Server Edition comes with a raft of Avaya-certified development partners providing technology that can be painlessly bolted onto the system, giving you flexibility and expertise as and when you require it.

A successful telecommunications strategy doesn't stop. Telefonix Voice & Data like to ask our customers the question "where do they want to be 5 years in the future" and "what would give you a competitive advantage". The answers to these questions, usually put to the highest level of management, will show us the appropriate technology solutions to bring to the table and evaluate for you going forward. Avaya's rich history of technology innovation is set to continue with Server Edition, the company's mid-size platform of choice moving forwards into the mid-term future.

  • Up to 2,000 users at a single site or across 32 locations
  • Up to 512 SIP trunk channels per Primary/Secondary server
  • Up to 256 SIP trunk channels per Expansion System
  • Trunks with IP 500 V2 - 148 H.323, 240 digital, 208 analog trunks (not simultaneously) Up to 150 Voice Messaging ports
  • 256 audio conferencing ports per server (256 parties per conference)
  • Up to 300 concurrent Avaya one-X Portal users on primary or secondary server
  • Up to 750 concurrent Avaya one-X Portal users on a dedicated server
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