Watchguard Firewalls

Watchguard firewalls are the firewalls of choice by Telefonix Voice & date for the medium sized business and above. For medium sized businesses depending on size we would recommend the Watchguard XTM 5 Series appliances, and for larger enterprises we would suggest the Watchguard XTM 525. You need to keep your enterprise secure, but you want to do it on your terms. We get that. You're in control. But control shouldn't mean limitations. You can put a powerful WatchGuard security solution at the edge of your network and grow over time by adding exactly the security functions you need, from basic Next Generation security capabilities to total protection when you need them. And however you choose to deploy, you get true line-speed security inspection on all traffic and multi-gigabit packet filtering throughput, for serious security that doesn't slow you down. No matter how you architect your security system, we let you visualize and isolate any threat, anywhere, from one intuitive console. WatchGuard's award-winning Dimension visibility tool is standard on every WatchGuard appliance.

Watchguard XTM 5 Series Appliances

Watchguard Firewall

Fast and affordable, the Watchguard XTM 5 Series appliances combine firewall/VPN with powerful security services and a suite of flexible management tools. Positioned in the middle of the Watchguard XTM family of unified threat management solutions, the 5 Series appliances deliver strong security, up to 3.5 Gbps firewall throughput, and seven Ethernet interfaces - six GigE and one FE - to support high-speed LAN backbone infrastructures and gigabit WAN connections. IT administrators can manage security from a centralised console, scriptable CLI, and web UI. Real-time monitoring and rich reporting are included at no extra cost. The 5 series easily scales to accommodate growth.

Delivers full-strength threat management to safeguard intellectual property, data, confidential records and more.

Cloud-based RapidDeploy capability instantly self-configures the appliance and begins reporting back to the administrator's central console.

A suite of big-data style visibility and reporting tools are included that instantly isolate and distill key security issues and trends.

Anywhere, anytime web UI allows IT to directly manage all security functions on the appliance.

Intuitive management console enables quick copying of corporate policy across multiple appliances.

Ideal for use to create secure perimeters around home office environments.

Built-in reports for PCI and HIPAA mean one-click access to the data you need to ensure compliance requirements are covered.

Powerful security services that boost protection in critical attack areas include URL filtering, Application Control, Data Loss Prevention, and more.

T30 and T50 models have a PoE port, so you no longer have to have AC power running to peripheral devices like security cameras or wireless access points.

Watchguard M400/500

Watchguard Router

Firebox M400 and M500 firewalls are specifically engineered for mid-sized and distributed enterprises that are struggling to effectively and affordably secure networks in the face of explosive growth in bandwidth rates, encrypted traffic, video use, and connection speeds.

With an operating system built on the latest generation of processors from Intel, the M400 and M500 have all the power they need to run their security scanning engines in parallel, without causing a bottleneck in performance. This ensures network pros never have to compromise network security for performance.

Best-of-breed security services boost protection in critical attack areas, including gateway AV, URL and web content filtering, intrusion prevention, app control, and spam blocking.

A suite of big-data style visibility and reporting tools are included at no additional cost. Use the Policy Map dashboard to quickly find active and misconfigured policies and drill down as needed.

High availability capabilities: active/active and active/passive: ensure your network is always up and running.

Up to 8 Gbps firewall throughput and 1.7 Gbps UTM throughput. Turn on optional security services and still see up to 1.7 Gbps throughput.

You have the power to choose how you manage your WatchGuard appliance, including WatchGuard System Manager, the command line interface, and a web UI for access from anywhere, anytime.

Take advantage of innovative features like drag-and-drop VPN creation and RapidDeploy technology to make fast work of extending your network.

Intuitive management console enables quick copying of corporate policy across multiple appliances.

Includes SSL and IPSec VPN for flexibility in remote access with support for Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Control the use of Web 2.0 and other applications on your network for tighter security, better use of bandwidth, and greater productivity.

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