Xima Chronicall

Xima Software's Chronicall is a robust call history and reporting suite for Avaya IP Office. Chronicall offers a revolutionary set of features designed to overcome the limitations of traditional call history and reporting software. It provides far more detailed and accurate information than the competition by connecting directly to your phone system and logging everything that happens on each call, from the moment it starts to the second it ends. With a thin-client web interface and no licensing restrictions, Chronicall is simple to deploy and scale. A single inexpensive site license allows you to report on all of your agents, groups, trunks, and extensions with absolutely no configuration of your phone system. Today, Chronicall is being used across the globe to provide powerful statistics to a wide array of businesses, from small offices to large, distributed contact centers. With enterprise-class features at a small business price, Chronicall is revolutionizing the call reporting industry. A single inexpensive site license allows you to report on hundreds of agents, groups, trunks, and extensions with little to no phone system configuration required. Chronicall's comprehensive custom report creator and fully customizable real-time views help organizations make informed business decisions and improve customer service. The software's robust, modular design makes it easy to gather data from multiple sites or add extra functionality to meet the needs of each individual business.

Xima Software's Chronicall provides rich cradle to grave call reporting for Avaya IP Office. As soon as Chronicall is installed, it begins recording detailed information about every call that enters or leaves your phone network. Cradle to Grave is an intuitive and simple way to view this information. It shows you exactly what happened to any call on your system from the moment the call arrived at your phone switch to the instant the call ended. True Cradle to Grave reporting means that you can expand each and every call to view its ringing, talking, queue, hold, and transfer events; conference call information; and the agents, hunt groups, and external parties involved at each step along the way. You can sort, search, filter, and rearrange the tabular data or export it directly to a spreadsheet program for further analysis.

Xima Call Reporting

Collecting information is only as valuable as your ability to find and analyze it. Xima developers have created over 50 accurate and vibrant reports, charts, and graphs that use everything from the simplest criteria to some of the most detailed and specific statistics available from any call reporting software. You are free to run these reports as many times as you like to find invaluable information on your calls, events, conferences, agents, groups, queues, and trunks. Each installation of Chronicall gives you access to these powerful reports and the intuitive Report Scheduler, which tells Chronicall to run reports automatically every hour, day, week, or month and send them to an email address or save them to a file.

Realtime Data

Xima Call Reporting

Better manage your business with real-time monitoring. While the Cradle to Grave view and Chronicall's detailed reports allow you to see call data after calls have ended, the Realtime module uses live data about your agents, hunt groups, and queues to provide customizable displays and information at a glance. This is true real-time; there is no five-second refresh rate. As soon as a call comes in or an agent's status changes, Chronicall incorporates the new data into the unique Agent Timeline, Group Timeline, and Realtime Canvases. With the Agent Timeline, you can see each of your agents' current activities and statuses in a simple timeline format. Unlike other reporting software that only shows what your agents are doing at the moment, the Agent Timeline leaves behind a record of each agent's behavior in the past. This gives you a contextual understanding of the data and allows you to make critical decisions with confidence and accuracy.

Accurate queue statistics are vital for efficient call center management. The Group Timeline displays these statistics for each hunt group with a set of continuously updating graphs representing the number of queued calls, the longest wait time, and the average wait time side by side. As calls enter or leave a hunt group's queue, the graphs change accordingly, giving you the knowledge you need in order to adjust your resources in real time. Turn any screen into a wall board with a Realtime Canvas.

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