SME Antivirus

Having an effective corporate anti-virus mechanism in place is, nowadays, an obvious neccessity. Telefonix Voice & Data can manage all your antivirus policies and software for you, ensuring that you do not have to worry about keeping your networks secure and protected.

SME Antivirus Provision

For smaller companies we use a version 6 antivirus package, which stops viruses, spyware, spam, and other email, file and web threats before they reach your business. It's smarter because it detects threats faster and constantly updates your protection without slowing PC performance. And it's simpler because we install and maintain the corporate package for you so that you and your users have zero administration.

  • Fast Scanning: the software detects and removes the latest threats, giving you continuously updated protection with minimal impact on users' PC performance
  • Block Inappropriate Websites: Gain extra protection from web threats by blocking exposure to risky websites, and help keep employees focused by blocking access to offensive or non-work related sites
  • Global Neighborhood Watch: Automatically identifies new threats and feeds back security-related issues or events for all users
  • USB Device Threat Prevention: Prevents viruses on USB devices from infecting users' computers.
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