The addition of IP Office phones to the base IP Office system is crucial to experience the full range of functionality of the system. These phones are custom created to make the most of the inbuilt functionality and are the perfect business tool to help an employee make the most of their phone system. Each of the phone ranges has a different purpose within the Avaya family, from the premium quality Avaya 9600 series to the budget-conscious 1400 series, and from the DECT (wireless) units of the 3700 series to the new range of Avaya conference phones. However, common to all ranges is their low power usage, solid construction, customisable soft buttons (not all models, ie not the hotel phone) and exceptionally clear sound quality.

IP Handsets

IP phones, known as VoIP phones in consumer parlance, use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls by sending voice data in packets using IP rather than by traditional circuit transmissions of the PSTN. The benefit to the user is much lower charges and integration with computer telephony - the way of the future. On the flipside VoIP/IP telephony has a reputation for poor voice quality, but this is only the case if the internet connection that the system is using is a poor one. We recommend that IP telephony should be coupled with Telefonix business connectivity options to ensure quality of service. Avaya has 4 ranges of IP phones that will work with IP Office, 2 of which are the preferred models, Avaya's own designated IP Office handsets, and 2 of which come across from the recently acquired Nortel BCM platform.

Digital Handsets

Digital Phones have been the mainstay of telephony for the last 20 years, offering superior and guaranteed voice quality. The IP Office 9500 range is the premium digital phone range for IP Office with all the features you'd expect in robust business-quality handsets. Designed to serve the needs of a wide range of business users, the IP Office 1400 series digital deskphones offer a contemporary design with advanced audio technology and productivity enhancing features. Avaya has 2 ranges of digital phones that will work with IP Office, 1 of which is a budget range with paper labels (the 1400 range) and the other of which is a relatively new range, the 9500 series.

SIP Handsets

With SIP, any other brand's SIP handsets can in theory be connected to IP Office. The SIP standard is constantly evolving with new features and methods introduced. While being standard compliant, not all devices implement all options of the standard, making it hard to almost impossible to predict to what extent any particular device will work. Avaya also do a SIP soft phone which is an application that runs on your laptop or desktop but which retains all telephony functions. So you can use this to make and receive calls if working at home, at a branch location or if in a hotel.

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