Fitting WiFi & IP DECT onto a phone system is a relatively easy and inexpensive exercise. If you work in a small office where there is an advantage in being free from a deskbound phone, or on a large site where there is a need for you and your staff to have freedom of movement whilst remaining in contact, the use of a WiFi or IP DECT network will allow you to be able to keep in contact and give an instant response to enquiries.


A WiFi or DECT telephone network consists of a fixed radio base station attached to the public telephone network and a wireless handset, which communicates through the base station, up to a range of 300-500m. This may be reduced by buildings or walls to around 50m. However, the range of the system can be extended by using one or more 'repeaters' or 'signal boosters' between the base station and the furthest required point or weak signal areas. Systems may be analogue or digital, but DECT systems (Digital European Cordless Telecommunications) are becoming more widespread, as they generally offer better quality speech, longer talk time and a greater operating range. The handsets also tend to be smaller, lighter and more feature-rich than analogue models, and are more secure. A DECT telephone is in effect a radio transceiver, similar to a mobile telephone. It operates from either a single base station for home and small office use, or on a network of several base stations for larger offices.

All our WiFi & IP DECT handsets have access to an incoming telephone line and can use the base station for one-to-one conversations or for paging. Once contacted a conversation can take place straight away, and there are none of the additional costs associated with using mobile phones. Handsets can communicate with each other (and conference and/or transfer calls) through the base station as internal extensions. Our DECT systems incorporate voicemail/answerphone as well as PBX functions such as call logging and Least Cost Routing (LCR).

To learn more about the functionality that the Avaya WiFi/DECT phone system includes please visit our Avaya IP500 pages. The IP500 comes with two dedicated ranges of IP DECT handsets, the Avaya 3600 DECT series and the Avaya 3700 DECT series.

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