Telecoms Support

Telefonix Voice & Data offer bespoke Avaya IP Office phone system support, and phone system support for the Telefonix hosted telephony platform. In the current climate of a 24 hour economy, it is absolutely essential that your telephony systems are running all day - and all night. But what happens when your inhouse support stops at 5pm, does your IT department go home or does your outsourced partner shut up shop for the evening? This would be disastrous. You have that important sales call in the morning and decide to finish the proposal at home with a glass of wine. When you arrive home you find your office phone system is down or not reachable remotely. What do you do? Go back to the office and reboot the phone system and hope you do not break something or make things worse?

IP Office Support

Our IP Office support packages come in various shapes and sizes to suit a range of budgets and criticalities, and are all naturally backed by our Avaya trained and certified engineers. We supply IP Office support throughout the UK and are first and foremost Avaya IP Office specialists, having been one of the first installations of IP Office and a testing partner for every version of the platform. Call on our team of experts to assist you with your Avaya IP Office support needs. The engineers you will work with on this Avaya Certified Help Desk are recognized as some of the most experienced in the industry and have the knowledge, tools and skills you need in a technology partner. Thoughtful quality care will be given to your critical communication systems and applications and we look forward to delighting you with our expert service.

Our processes are well documented and clear, and you will be kept up to date on the progress of your IP Office support issue continuously. Access to our help desk support is available up to 24/7 depending on the package chosen. Our IP Office support packages come with SLAs and guarantees, and we pride ourselves on continuing and ongoing quality of care when other telecoms resellers might lose interest after the first initial sale. Many of our support customers come from companies that have been let down by other resellers. Our most basic IP Office support package is the market leader insofar that it offers moves, adds and changes for free, unlike other IP Office companies.

Platinum Support

Our most advanced support packages offer 24/7, 365/365 support; these are platinum packages. Please contact Telefonix Voice & Data for further details. Customers who seek platinum support for the telecoms support services we offer usually want platinum support for IT services as well. For a customer who has taken one platinum support package, there is considerable room for negotiation regarding any charges for the other. We would encourage you to create a bespoke combination that suits your business needs and contact us telling us exactly what you need.

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