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21st century connectivity has completely transformed the quality that you can get out of business videoconferencing. Avaya's 2012 purchase of Radvision now gives you a world class suite of all-device videoconferencing hardware that's not only beautifully integrated into the Avaya IP Office platform but is also filled with potential business benefits:

Prevent those unproductive days away from the office trundling all day in dreary hot motorway queues for a short meeting. Instead, up your company's game with the people who really matter. Use high quality HD videoconferencing for immediate face to face engagement with just a click of a mouse.

Knock those flight costs, hotel claims, meal costs and fuel expenses on the head and use 21st century technology for what it's really, really good at. Adopt the habits of successful businesses by improving efficiency through adoption of efficient new technologies.

Give your salesforce an extra tool to quickly get in the running by using rapport-building eye-to-eye video conferencing to engage with and demo to prospects. Use the power of "John, I know you're having trouble getting your team together on the same day to come down for a meeting, but if you have 15 minutes I can at least show you this right now."

Add to your company's green credentials and slash the mileage that's being done. Use high quality HD videoconferencing instead. It's the green thing to do.

Stand out from the amateur Skype crowd - use best of breed Avaya Radvision Scopia, the most professional videoconferencing toolset out there. Conduct professional meetings with luscious HD quality video and crystal-clear audio delivered through self-optimising signal preservation. Keep focus on the matter at hand. Record your meetings for playback and take notes afterwards. Conference, and share spreadsheets or powerpoints at the same time. Best of all, invitees don't have any costs, don't need to have anything pre-installed and don't need to use a specific device. Avaya Scopia videoconferencing works equally at well in the company meeting room, out at a meeting with prospects, over WiFi on a iPad, out and about on a smartphone or in the office on a corporate desktop!

Historically only available to large businesses that could afford to spend thousands of dollars on the necessary infrastructure, training and support; video conferencing has become accessible to the wider market and the Scopia solution is fully integrated into Avaya IP Office. This solution provides an easy and cost effective way to personalize connections with clients and colleagues and do not require special technical skills, making them ideal for SMBs.

The SCOPIA XT5000 is Radvision's flagship product in the SCOPIA series of room systems.

  • Exceptional Experience - Unique dual HD 1080p/60fps for live video and content and CD-quality, 20 kHz audio deliver an outstanding experience
  • Unparalleled Power - Two full HD 1080p/60fps video channels, H.264 High Profile for bandwidth efficiency, H.264 SVC for error resiliency and an embedded 9-way multi-party MCU
  • Intuitive and Easy-to-Use - Designed for the end user with no training required. For an enhanced experience, the XT5000 is enabled for Multi-Touch control via the Apple iPad
  • Sleek and Elegant Design - A natural fit for today's businesses, not only for its ease of use, but also its modern design that complements any conference room
  • All-in-one Solution - also offered combining the XT5000's room system capabilities with embedded 9-way multi-party conferencing, SCOPIA Desktop and Mobile conferencing, and firewall traversal
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