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3 ways video conferencing can save time for recruitment agencies

As a recruitment agency, you are managing the busiest people on earth - top candidates who are negotiating multiple interviews and job offers and hiring managers who are managing other competing projects (after all, that’s why they outsourced recruitment to you). Any delays in hiring can derail your chance of placing your first choice candidate for your top positions.

Two out of the six biggest problems for recruitment agencies are: the increasing speed of the hiring process, and keeping up with technology used in recruitment, according to Influx Recruitment. We think innovative high quality video conferencing can solve both of those problems at once.

Video solutions can be used efficiently for first interviews, shortlisting evaluations and continuing check-ins and training. 

Here are 3 ways video meetings can save you time as a recruiter.

1. At the first job interview

The problem: you have a stack of CVs that look perfect for the job but you have a client asking for a specific culture fit.

Video interviews give you a huge amount of information on first impressions, body language and reactions to unexpected questions. Video interviews allow for connection and empathy so you can assess personality before you even invite them to the office. This helps you as a recruiter make better decisions on culture fit for multiple candidates, especially in roles where a lot of team or customer interaction is required.

The option of video interviews also automatically widens the candidate pool to candidates who might not be able to make a face-to-face interview at certain times, or those who can work remotely outside of the immediate area. Whether a candidate is across the road or across the world, interviews can be enabled through any desktop or with the mobile app using an internet connection.

If you host first job interviews over video, you can fit more interviews into one day. This saves you time in setting up meetings and giving directions just to screen multiple candidates. Candidates can pick a location that suits them, and you are not at the mercy of delays such as commuting times when candidates visit your office for the first time.

But most recruitment agencies hesitate to take the leap to using video for interviews because they don't want to be dependent on the system used by each client or candidate.

We offer enterprise-grade HD video conferencing solutions which can be used with desktop and mobile devices. This gives you corporate quality visual and audio with complete interoperability without the need for downloads or subscriptions. Anyone can launch or join video meetings from any device and from any location where there is a wifi.

You give a great first impression to job candidates when you make it easy and quick for them to connect via video through their own preferred methods of communication and speed up the hiring process.

2. At shortlisting interviews and tests

The problem: You have interviewed several top quality candidates, and you need a shorter shortlist.

Traditional second and third interviews can include tests of the candidates’ abilities for the main tasks of the job. Conducting tests such as role play (such as a customer service script, or a sales negotiation reaction) or task-based tests (such as writing, coding or design) over video can be more efficient. Video solutions cut the time usually taken to set up meetings and relay information between clients and candidates.

On the candidate side, this also allows the flexibility to set up a time and location convenient for them to do their best work. You can also share screens with a candidate to go through paperwork and references together more efficiently.

On the client side, video interviews can also be recorded and shared with hiring managers to help sign off and move forward with hiring decisions. Video files of recorded interviews and tests can be shared, you can hold a video meeting at more convenient times, and you can use screen share to analyse and collaborate on documents together.

With these video solutions, recruitment agencies can offer all three pieces of information a hiring manager needs to make a decision - personality and cultural fit, interview questions and answers, and you can test the current abilities of the candidate.

3. At regular check-ins with candidates

The problem: keeping in touch with your best candidates serves you well for opportunities in the future, but recruitment agencies are often forgotten once a placement starts.

As a recruitment agent, you know your relationship with the best candidates continues well into their placement. Employee training and development improves retention and job satisfaction when it goes beyond the first days or the first three months.

Our video  conferencing solutions lets you hold training sessions across offices and across countries with up to 100 endpoints, across different devices and locations - even on our mobile app. So keeping up relationships with candidates employed across locations and using their own devices has never been easier.

From candidate interviews to group inductions, one-to-one mentoring from different locations or training across multiple offices - our video meetings provide recruitment agencies with the opportunity to connect with candidates at every step.

Regular video check-ins can keep a stronger relationship with candidates with a re-cap of achievements and news. Richard Brosal, CEO of Jet Lux Hotels, says video conferencing his staff weekly is preferable to emails to boost morale and foster collaboration. As a recruiter, you have the chance to keep contacts for long-term relationships and opportunities that saves you time further down the line.

In conclusion

Recruitment agencies have to act fast to secure top talent in today’s competitive hiring market. While we can’t give you more hours in a day, we can help you save time with the technology you use. Specifically, using a video conferencing solution such as BlueJeans Network cloud video or Avaya Equinox Meetings Online.

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