Is your workforce ready to work from home?

As an increasing number of cases of Covid-19 are being reported in the UK, the government has suggested that one precautionary measure could be to encourage people to work from home. While this may well be a sensible and/or necessary course of action, how will this work in reality whilst still ensuring business-as-usual levels of productivity?

To be fair, working from home is hardly a new concept with many people now opting to change their working pattern and/or work remotely from their assigned office premises.  The benefits for both employee and employer are well recognised - including a reduction in commuting time, time to go to appointments, improved employee retention, increased talent pool and less money spent on office space.

However, in order for these benefits to come to fruition, the underlying technology also needs to be in place to support and facilitate remote working.  At its simplest there are 2 main points to consider, are your employees able to easily contact other staff, customers and suppliers from the comfort of their home, and are they able to access all of the tools that they require, in the same way that they would in the office?

Once you know the exact requirements for supporting your remote workers, it's relatively straightforward to implement a bespoke technology solution that enables it.  Of course, the simplest way to allow staff to be contactable is to give them a work mobile phone - but problems can still then arise when it comes to business continuity.  To overcome this you may wish to consider adding a softphone application to their mobile: linked to the desk phone, this means that calls to office extensions of those employees can go straight to their mobile.  This also allows for the office number to be used on their mobiles, giving a professional feel to customers and prospects when they call in.

When it comes to team meetings the good news is that video conferencing technology has also now advanced to the point where you really don't need to worry about visual break up or poor audio.  It's easy to have all key members of your staff on a video call and achieve the same objectives as if everyone was in the same room.

Regarding the second point raised, it's also crucial for staff to have reliable access to the tools they use on a daily basis in order for them to continue performing efficiently.  Again, the technology is now readily available to facilitate this with various levels of collaboration tools on the market.  Together with the relevant support packages for your business, you can be safe in the knowledge that a remote worker won't have any issues to prevent them working effectively from home.

Finally, with many of the technology solutions being cloud based, installation is also a relatively quick turnaround.  The main challenge for a business owner or decision maker may well be identifying which technology sets will work best for the particular requirements of your business, together with the corresponding level of support needed.  Of course, if you would like one of our experienced solutions engineers to assist you with that challenge, please contact the team at Telefonix who will be happy to help you.

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