ADSL2+ is a business quality ADSL package which is uncontended with consumer traffic. With business-only connectivity you benefits from consistent, credible connectivity for your business-critical communications.

With much improved alternative connectivity solutions, such as Business Fibre Broadband, Ethernet First Mile, and Leased Lines now widely available, typically ADSL is now only offered as a backup redundancy solution, or for rural areas where some of these newer connectivity options are yet to be offered.

Whether you are downloading files, using applications or connecting remote workers and offices to centralised resources, you do immediately notice the difference with standard ADSL. It is not just downloading speeds which are improved: your upload speed is improved as well, so uploading documents to shared areas or sending large attachments will be quicker and easier than ever before.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 24Mbps business only broadband, three times faster than ADSL
  • No download limits
  • Static IP addresses
  • Cost effective solution
  • Quick to provision

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