Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is the method of carrying voice and data for high performance telecommunications networks. MPLS allows you to connect multiple sites – in the UK and internationally – in the most efficient way for business and provides secure Quality of Service (QoS) enabled connectivity.

Telefonix Voice & Data can provide complete UK network coverage and integration with the largest UK connectivity carriers. Your business will have network resilience because we control and manage the network, and we can combine multiple carriers. With a range of connectivity technologies from ADSL to Ethernet, speeds from 128Kbps to 10Gbps and resilience options, we have the ideal connection to meet your site’s requirements and budget. UK bandwidths can be changed quickly with no disruption.

Telefonix can provide a complete end-to-end “managed” service including the design, implementation, proactive monitoring, maintenance and management of your network including your on-site routers.

We understand protection of your business data is crucial. By combining multiple carriers and by controlling and managing the network, we design network resilience for our customers. We provide a fully managed, private wide area network for UK and international locations. The network can support and prioritise voice, multimedia and data traffic over a single converged network and is suited to multi sites environments.

MPLS provides a cost effective, secure, flexible, scalable and fully managed service capable of carrying voice, video and data traffic, on a secure, private network with high performance.


  • Fully managed, private service that can converge voice, video and data traffic over a single, secure network for multiple sites. We support multi-site deployment of converged services such as Cloud Telephony.
  • High performance for business critical applications.
  • UK and International locations
  • Simplify communications – designed so all your applications work efficiently through a single network.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and hand over the complexities of design, maintenance and management of the network to us, with deep technical expertise.
  • Improve scalability – from organisations with a handful of sites to those with thousands, our solution offers a wide range of options to enable you to make the most efficient connections.
  • Access hosted cloud services through MPLS - including SIP, NGCC, HUCS and VDC.
  • Flexibility to add and remove sites at any time.

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