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We Are Your Trusted Technology Partner

Our team of solutions experts leverages deep technical expertise and industry partnerships to help clients design, implement and transform business technology solutions.

Telefonix Voice & Data was founded in 1987, and from the first day our approach has been to stand shoulder to shoulder with our customers through ensuring we provide solutions to business challenges. As technology has changed so has our business, so we have developed successful partnerships with market leading service providers to make sure we stay at the forefront of an ever changing tech world.

We take pride in our ability to help businesses expand and thrive, and offer solutions and services to make this happen.  By leveraging our expertise, data, and technology solutions we enable our clients to manage all their Telecoms and IT needs through a single source. Taking something complicated, and making it easy-to-manage, and easy-to-use.

Our service offering includes communications, IT, data, mobile and customer experience solutions, covering everything from telephony services for businesses, hosted voice & data, SIP, internet connectivity, IT Support and cyber security. With coverage extending from user-level desktop support to enterprise-level network design and outsourced services.

Telefonix has established strong partnerships with some of the most reliable and successful technology solutions providers in the world. These include globally prominent organisations such as Avaya, 8x8 and Gamma.

We have created the Customer Experience Centre (CEC) at our offices in Farnham, Surrey to showcase the range of solutions we provide. The centre boasts everything from handsets, headsets, software trials and typical remote worker scenarios, with audio and video conferencing. We allow clients to experience first-hand the power of our solutions portfolio and to witness optimal configurations for their business set up, with no commitment required. 

We understand that expanding companies find it difficult to afford the resources needed to build a complete IT and telecoms infrastructure. We therefore ensure that our services are tailored to suit the needs of your business, from our flexible solutions and world-class technology, to our comprehensive support services.

As a business we have built a stable platform for growth. Being self-funded with no debt allows us to reinvest into our business and our people, which is vital for continued success.

Having an open book philosophy means our customers have direct access to the business owners. Mike Kirby (Managing Director) and David Hughes (Operations Director) believe the customer experience we deliver should be above and beyond expectation, and they continually strive to ensure standards remain at the highest possible level.

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Our Gamma Partnership

We hold Gold partnership status with Gamma, which demonstrates our capabilities, levels of expertise and our commitment to customer excellence.

As an established Gamma Partner we offer:

  • Award-winning technology, services, and cloud-based solutions
  • The best-fit solution for your business, based on proven capability and satisfaction
  • An exceptional experience, from our flexible solutions and world-class technology to our comprehensive support services.
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Mike Kirby Managing Director Telefonix Voice & Data
My passion for smart and efficient business technology is as strong today as it was 30 years ago, when I started Telefonix Voice & Data. I pride myself on my company's extraordinary levels of customer service that you won't find anywhere else. We're fanatical about every customer - no matter how large or small - and we welcome the opportunity to prove this to you.

Mike Kirby

Managing Director and Founder, Telefonix Voice & Data

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Our Promise


Our services are executed to the highest quality, and we hold ourselves to this standard at all times.

Our methods are tried and tested, and we continue to implement and improve upon these services as we work with our clients, communicating every step of the way to learn from and adapt to new problems and challenges.

By investing heavily in the best hardware, software and resources we need to stay up to date, we know our expertise will remain at the forefront of the industry, and our service will continue to be the best it can possibly be.

Customer Service

Customer service is our top priority, and is at the heart of everything we do.

We hold ourselves completely accountable to our clients, offering full tracking for every support query.

Nothing matters more than the service we provide, because we know that excellent customer service is what keeps our clients coming back time after time.

To that end, we offer flexible and tailored support contracts that run 24/7 meaning we're always there to help when you need us to be.


Our accredited procedure distinguishes us from other suppliers.

Every new employee is taken through a rigorous and comprehensive series of training programmes, teaching them the detailed product knowledge necessary to join our ranks.

To cover all the Avaya products we offer, each employee receives a certified Avaya training course, along with examinations to accredit them in these services.

Over the years, we’ve gained a significant number of qualifications and certifications from Avaya, culminating in our certified Avaya Sapphire Partnership for Mid-Market not to mention our accreditation as an authorised Avaya dealer. 


We always pass supplier promotions directly onto our clients without taking a reseller cut.

Over the years our promotions and bundles have been amongst the most competitive in the industry.

Our price promise mean that should you find the same solution cheaper, let us know and and we'll see if we can match it! 

Single Supplier

We understand that selecting the right type of phone system, IT network or email and productivity systems are so crucial for your business to run efficiently and grow.

Clients come to us because we can design and customise solutions bespoke to their needs across all of their Telecoms and IT needs, from lines and minutes to systems, and from webmail to virtual servers.

Technical Excellence

We pride ourselves on technical excellence.

We invest heavily in staff training to maintain the technical excellence that defines our company, ensuring that every member of staff is constantly up to date in the fast moving world of business technology.

Our Technology Partners

We work with technologies from some of the biggest companies in the business, from Avaya to Microsoft and from VMWare to BT.   Working with us gives you an assurance that we're supported by some of the most exciting technology innovators in business telecommunication and IT today, at the cutting edge of what's possible. Technology transformation is at the heart of what we do.


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Our Affiliations


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