In our infographic, we give you 10 reasons why now is the right time for Avaya cloud solutions - regardless of the solutions you use right now. (Lower cost of ownership is just the start).

Moving to an Avaya cloud solution is easier than ever - and we can design any cloud solution around the specific needs of your business and help you make the most of your investment.

Explore the infographic and find out why many businesses are moving to the cloud and how it is helping them move their business forward and how they plan to deploy this to help their business goals.

Slash Costs, Scale Faster.

Whether you're already an Avaya UC solutions customer or you're using a competing solution, the time's never been better for you to begin your migration to the cloud. From more flexible pricing to better security ansd system redudancy, the benefits of the cloud are unmistakable - and making the switch is easier than ever.


On-premises communications solutions include PBX systems and other physical devices - and are deployed in the traditional way: within the four walls of your office.

Hosted Cloud

Hosted cloud communications solutions - also called UC-as-a-service (UCaaS) - hand the details over to the provider, including VoIP capabilities.


Often called "the best of both worlds", hybrid communications solutions integrate on-premises infrastructure with cloud capabilities.