3 ways estate agents win more business with cloud telephony

The rise of online sources of information allows buyers and tenants to browse property, and allows sellers and landlords to check market prices, and these aggregator sites have increased the number of direct phone calls and emails to estate agents. And those enquiries are the key to viewings, offers, and a successful sale.

But how many calls do you miss?

How many times has a customer called and you transferred them around the business to reach the right person? How difficult is it to coordinate all your staff at your busiest periods of negotiations, viewings and appointments?

Cloud telephony is a new business phone system that is helping estate agencies across the UK with customer experience management.

Here are three challenges unique to estate agents, and how you can solve them with hosted telephony:

Challenge 1: When coordinating property buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants, every moment is critical.

Solution: Never miss a call. Never miss a customer.

Estate agents have the unique daily challenge of being at the centre of negotiations with high financial stakes. If you don't have a hosted phone system, you could lose sellers and buyers who move on to the competition within minutes if they can not immediately reach an agent. 

When your agents are not in the office, and unable to take a call, a hosted PBX does the work for you. 

You can use auto-attendant options to route calls efficiently to the person with the most knowledge about the call or availability within hunt groups. You can specify this criteria through the online portal and adapt it daily based on staff levels. This optimal call diversion creates a consistently high standard of customer experience and ensures your customer can get the right answers the first time.

At the busiest periods, when estate agents are in the middle of crucial negotiations while also managing viewings and appointments out on the road, specific calls can be directed to voicemail. Additionally, you can use our voicemail-to-email function, enabling you to scan for urgent messages without having to listen to all of them.

In addition, an out of hours service is easier to provide with a cloud phone system as you can simply divert office calls to an employee’s mobile device.

Challenge 2: It can be difficult to manage enquiries made across distributed offices in large estate agencies or chains.

Solution: Control the entire hosted telephone system centrally. Control the customer experience.

Where multiple office locations and multiple office numbers are involved, a hosted PBX can quickly direct clients to the right agent at the right office. With our cloud telephony system, you can control the call paths of all offices through one central, online portal - which you can set remotely from anywhere, online. You can link multiple offices on the same system to ensure efficient call handling and improved internal communication. Customer experience management has never been easier.

You can integrate this with your CRM. When clients call into the office, a pop-up on screen enables staff members to answer the phone with all the information about the client in front of them. This improves the customer experience, as you provide better answers with all the context you need, and customers will feel that your company knows them. This standard of delivering the best customer experience leads to customer loyalty. Cloud telephony is extremely easy to roll out across your company without any interruption to your business, with simple features and user portals to give you complete control that is impossible with a traditional phone system.

Challenge 3: Your business cards have office, extension and mobile numbers, and you need to be available regardless of which number your customer chooses to call.

Solution: Keep one number across devices. Keep your customer.

Our hosted telephony solution includes the ‘One Number Anywhere’ feature. Estate agents are constantly in and out of the office, and need to coordinate several appointments in one day. When you give your business cards to contacts, it can be difficult to keep track of all communications. We can assign you one single contact number, transferrable across desk handsets and mobile devices.

While you might have your mobile phone on you during viewings and appointments, your phone might not be linked to the central phone system. Our cloud telephony system has an app for Android and iOS that links to the main business phone easily and immediately. The mobile client option gives estate agents full functionality, including chat, wherever you can access the internet.

Hot desking can give agents a four-digit code that, once entered into the phone, pulls their profile from the cloud onto any handset. This option is especially useful for agents who are in and out of the office frequently and often set up meetings in different regions.

In conclusion, estate agents depend on being available to buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants at all times. At the busiest periods, a traditional phone system simply falls short of the coordination required for estate agent business. This coincides with a time in the real estate market where more and more enquiries are made, in conjunction with online research.

Our cloud solutions allow customers to reach the right agent the first time, and ensure you can work as flexibly as possible for your customers in order to secure the deal. Never miss a call or lose a customer again with our cloud telephony solutions for estate agents.

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