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5 ways technology improves the Customer Experience

Customer experience is central to every aspect of your business. In today’s digital world, customers are empowered to review companies and make it public, and their experience will drive them to that. One awful customer experience can quickly be recorded and go viral, driving away new and current customers. Conversely, positive experiences are shared too – and you want customers to talk about the way you delivered customer service.

But why is your customers' experience such a priority?

Here are 5 reasons:

87% of customers would rather spend money with organisations that were easy to do business with (Dynamic Market Research)
82% of customers say contacting an organisation by all channels should be easy and 81% of customers expect organisations to deliver different channels to meet their needs (Marcus Hickman – The Autonomous Customer)
89% of companies expect to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience (Gartner)
By 2020 customer experience will overtake product and price as a key brand differentiator (SAP)
Customer experience is the primary way organisations will seek to differentiate themselves from competitors over the next 5 years (E-consultancy)


Customer Experience Managers have told us their biggest challenge is to ensure the entire customer journey is as simple and short as possible. At any customer touchpoint, businesses need to be ready with all the information, deliver a high standard of customer service, and ensure the customers’ problems or questions are addressed by the best person as soon as possible. This needs to be consistent across all media.

For example, a tweet should be picked up and answered with the same speed as a phone call, and if the customer has sent a tweet to the business before the phone call the business should know this already before they talk to the customer.

Technology solutions can ensure customers have a positive experience by connecting customers to the right person quickly, providing agents with the right information to deal with customers, and record to constantly improve the standards of customer service in your organisation.

5 ways technology directly improves your customer experience:

1. Communicate Their Way

Adapt your communication channel to the customer’s preference and offer phone, email, web chat and social media is a good start – and in the future, customers will expect businesses mobile apps and smart objects e.g. watch. You can fully integrate all your communication channels in one interface and offer the customer any channel and switch between them. We can also offer solutions that can cater for a customer channel that you might not use as a business, so you can switch to theirs e.g. use their video app when it isn't your usual business video conference tool.

2. Record and Improve

Call and screen recording gives you full visibility of the entire customer journey from the first touch point to resolution and post-purchase service. You can use this data to strategically analyse where customers are likely to drop off the journey and take proactive steps to improve your service at those points. You can also monitor the performance of your agents and provide feedback to improve your individual service. If your business already uses call recording for compliance you have an advantage to use that historical and live data to analyse your customer service.

3. Pop Your Customer

Before the customer even reaches your agent, that agent can see all the relevant customer information on their screen with a “screen pop”. This saves time and speeds up the time to resolution, and strengthens the customer relationship when they feel known and valued for their business. The customer will be more likely to feel looked after.

4. Find the Best Person

Direct customers straight away to the last person they contacted in the business, or the most qualified person to resolve their issue. Last agent or skills-based call routing can ensure the customer is helped by the best person for the job immediately, and minimises transfers around the business, regardless of the specific way the customer first contacted you.

5. Sell Them What They Want

Access to customer purchasing and browsing history, questions and interests on each customer interaction can give your agents all the information they need to identify the right up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Catering these opportunities to each specific customer will create more sales, brand loyalty and happy customers.

Bonus – 6) Speed Up Your Connection

Fantastic customer experiences start before the customer reaches an agent. It starts with the phone and network connection. If you experience “blackspots” or your website slows down, this can all affect the customer experience – in today’s digital world it only takes seconds for a customer to lose interest and decide to move on if they can’t connect to your business immediately. All of your interconnected business systems, hardware and software, should all work together to ensure maximum efficiency.

There are many ways to rate for customer experience. Telefonix Voice & Data can advise you on these and your options available.

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