New Year, New You!

As we welcome in the start of not only a new year but also a brand new decade, it’s a great time to take a look at your existing telecoms and IT solutions and think about changes that could further enhance your business. The last decade saw the release of the first iPad (2010), Chromebook (2011), and 2 releases of the latest operating system (8 and 10) for Windows in 2012 and 2015 respectively.  The year 2010 also saw 4G mobile service launched in the UK and by 2016 over 75% of adults in the UK had a mobile phone or smartphone with the ability to access the Internet on the move.  Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) first came to prominence in 2014, following on the heels of the Cloud IT movement.  During 2019 we also saw the start of the launch of 5G networks, with coverage targeted to expand extensively during 2020.

As always, technology continues to move at a rapid pace and solutions you put in place only a relatively short time ago may well now be heading to the unsupported category of techware.  The trick is to establish a reliable infrastructure that stays apace of changing technology, ensuring all areas of communications are integrated.  Often however this is not the case, with businesses updating their infrastructure bit by bit, resulting in a fragmented and disjointed experience.  If this sounds like your own business then now may be a good time to invest in UC and establish a solid framework to integrate your voice, video and data.  It’s easy to deploy as well as being a cost effective solution.  It’s also a great way to facilitate remote working, more on that below…

…Remote working continues to grow exponentially, with more and more employees demanding flexible working and the ability to work from home and other remote locations.  If you want to be an employer of choice then it’s crucial you can offer this capability.  But it’s not just about the employee: technology is the key enabler of mobility, with fast Wi-Fi connections, smartphones, cloud computing, VoIP and instant messaging providing the means by which employees connect and collaborate instantaneously – and by investing in the technology to enable true remote working your business benefits from the associated cost savings and increased productivity.

If you would like to benefit from a review of your existing infrastructure then you can simply contact one of our expert system solutions engineers who will be happy to do an audit and recommend any appropriate changes or upgrades that will benefit your business, starting you off on the right foot as we welcome in the new year and new decade.


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