SIP Trunks are way, way cooler than you think

SIP Trunks for business are the logical choice when moving from ISDN ahead of the BT switch off in 2025. This means businesses still using ISDN phone lines need to switch, and fast.

But if you're a busy executive in charge of your business' changing IT and telecommunications, in today's fast-paced world, you are not alone if you don't know what SIP is

Is it just a replacement phone line? Or is it a technological revolution?

Beyond the standard business benefits of cost, connectivity and collaboration, SIP Trunks are way, way cooler than you think.

Better Multimedia

SIP is more than just a better quality phone line. SIP enables you to switch between screen, video chat, audio and video within a single session, even switching and inviting different users on voice or video conferencing. It powers the latest unified communications solutions. Employees with video enabled mobile phones can replace costly in-person meetings with one-to-one and group video conferencing

Better Security

No business is 100% safe from attack, because hackers are developing more sophisticated methods to access your voice and data lines all the time.

But, it’s too easy to hack phone and voicemails.

The only way someone can eavesdrop on voice over IP (VoIP) calls is to capture packet information and reassamble that data into a conversation. It's not impossible, but it's extremely difficult. And anything that makes hacking more difficult is a good thing for your business.

So, when combined with all your other security measures your business takes, the privacy and security of your conversations will be a far more robust than you could achieve with traditional telephony, across any device and in any location.


SIP providers specialise in better uptime than ISDN. Our SIP trunks provide automatic failover and a 99.95% availability. Call routing to remote workers from any location will help you deliver a seamless experience for your customers no matter what happens in your business.

In contrast, disaster recovery with ISDN is expensive and involves installing redundant circuits. As BT will switch from ISDN to SIP by 2025, these legacy systems will become less and less efficient.

Want to know more about the move from ISDN to SIP?

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