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Avoid travel chaos with Unified Communications from home

24th October 2018 turned out to be a day that so many train commuters had feared would come to fruition. On top of strikes during that week, a serious signal failure that day meant that commuters on some of the busiest lines into London Waterloo, including Woking, Basingstoke, and Portsmouth Harbour were unable to catch a train due to mass cancellations at peak times in the morning.

The situation became torrid enough that South Western Railway themselves advised passengers to find an alternative route into London (of which any commuter will know that the options are few). Commuters vented on Twitter about the situation, knowing that if they didn’t get into work, they couldn’t get anything done. But what if the numerous London based companies that employ those commuters had a remote working system in place? Provide an effective home working solution, and many of those commuters need not travel at all. Unified Communications allows remote workers to work as effectively from their home as they do in the office.

We already live in a time where remote working is becoming increasingly popular. The modern worker leads a busy life, and flexibility is vital to achieve the right work life balance. But when remote working becomes a necessity, such as due to the train strikes of the 24th October, it's paramount that the Unified Communication solution adopted by a firm is reliable, powerful, and scalable to meet the demands of the many people that may need it on that day.

It’s understandable that firms may have initial concerns about ensuring that their workers have all the same access to the tools that they have in the office, such as use of the desk phone. In the modern day however, the solution is simple. We can provide a softphone application for each worker, which is essentially a desktop based extension to their desk phone. Workers can make and receive calls as if they were using their desk phone, with the same number being presented to the client, ensuring consistency and removing confusion.

I hear you, the 24th October was the day you scheduled back to back meetings with your employees, and they inevitably had to be cancelled as a few or none of the intended attendees could get in to the office. But video conferencing could have solved the issue. Before you groan as you picture a jittery screen and delayed audio in your mind, and you wonder how it could possibly be as effective as everyone meeting in person, video conferencing has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Telefonix can provide seamless, crystal clear video and audio solutions, supported on any device, and easily scalable. Documents can be easily shared and workflows can be instantly integrated, meaning a remote worker will never miss anything important.

Real time collaboration is easily supported through our solutions. Documents can be edited in real time, and an infinite amount of people can keep track of these changes. This can be done through a variety of different devices, whether it be laptop or handheld, so even the most hopeful of workers who were waiting hours for the trains to come back online on the 24th could have got work done at the station while they waited.

Long term, your firm could reap other benefits that come with remote working. Employees will save money from not having to pay travel costs, leading to a potential increase in morale and subsequent increased productivity. Your firm can reduce its carbon footprint by having less people travelling on a regular basis, and utilising Unified Communications through a cloud solution can lead to reduced overhead costs for the business.

When rail chaos strikes again, will your business be set up for remote working? Have a chat with us today about how Telefonix can implement the ideal solution for your business. In today’s world, no level of train disruption should disrupt your employees’ ability to get valuable work completed.

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