Call Recording

Call recording is a crucial jigsaw piece for Customer Experience

72% of businesses say that improving the customer experience is their top priority - Forrester.

Be fully present and practice empathy

As a Customer Experience Manager, you are responsible for hearing the voice of the customer.

Your customers want you to listen. But sometimes it is difficult to give your full focus at every minute of the day. That’s where call recording comes in.

When calls are recorded, agents can be fully present with customers and help customers feel heard. This is the essence of great customer experience and increasing customer loyalty.

Call reporting can be used to analyse tone of voice and emotion at different stages of the customer journeys retrospectively, to improve service and anticipate problems in the future. The key to getting the customer experience right is to really hear the customer and meaningfully act on feedback. Speech analytics in contact centres can analyse and search recorded customer calls in real-time with cloud telephony. This helps agents identify competitive threats and opportunities and root causes of customer dissatisfaction.

Empathy is crucial to provide the right customer experience every time. Part of empathy is speaking the customer’s language and adapting to their needs. Call recording and call reporting combined with a contact centre solution with a screen pop can give each agent all the information about the customer as soon as each call starts. 

Superior customer experience can directly affect the bottom line. Lower costs by proactively keeping valuable customers and actively improving the relationship - reducing customer churn. Our solutions provide your agents with all the information they need to up-sell - boosting revenue.

Understand your customer’s pain points - and prevent churn

Companies like yours are getting better at identifying problems and fixing them before the customer complains with reporting software that alerts agents and the company about an issue as it happens. Proactive customer service creates trust and confidence.

What is the best phone system for a small business? One that helps you achieve this. You need all the information about your customers in one place. Customers are more likely to move - ‘churn’ - from a business that fails to take account of their preferences. Your success as a business will increase if you focus on loyalty, rather than delighting customers at every turn.

With call recording combined with a cloud based solution you can join up statistics from each individual customer experience and build a picture of your overall performance along the customer journey. You can track calls of customers who had certain scores on surveys, or detect negative emotion, so you can contact them before they defect - because 91% of unhappy customers will simply leave, rather than complain. This can help agents assess whether the customer is close to leaving the company and solve their problems before they defect, or ask questions to loyal customers for positive testimonials.

With this information, you can track improvements and challenges at every stage of the customer journey, and how this has changed month by month, or year by year. When you link these to customer reactions and perceptions of your company you can fit the final jigsaw piece in the entire customer journey.

When you playback and listen to call recordings stored in the cloud, your teams can understand common themes and pain points - and how they can be managed or avoided. Design a better experience by minimising or strategically managing pain points, like IKEA.

Workflow issues can be discovered with call and screen recordings to identify causes of disruption to the customer journey, such as a technical glitch or agents stumped on certain questions, so they can be resolved quickly.

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