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Empower your call centre employees with 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre

As the manager of a call centre, you’ll be fully aware that they are a unique working environment in many ways. The sheer volume of inbound calls mean that they need to be directed quickly and easily to an available agent. Agents need access to a manageable system that records calls, logs call times, and integrates seamlessly with their existing customer relationship management (CRM) system, to ensure that customers continue to receive the best experience. They need a solution that not only allows them to communicate with customers through the medium of telephone conversation, but also through email and chat channels, which has become the standard in the last few years.

8x8 Virtual Contact Centre provides all these things and more. VCC is completely cloud based, which leads to a significant reduction in capital and operating expenditure, with no servers or heavy duty equipment required to be kept on site. With the customer experience such a vital aspect to a company’s success, VCC is equipped with the most advanced communication tools to ensure that the highest standard of customer service can be delivered.

The intuitive interface of VCC allows your agents to keep a concise record of conversations with customers and be able to monitor progress with orders and enquiries. All types of communication can be logged and recorded, allowing for agents to easily access any record of conversation, regardless of its source. This is the case with not only the standard chat channels, but also with social media. 8x8 understands the evolution of how customers now interact with organisations, and has therefore integrated Facebook and Twitter functionality into the application itself. This gives your agents full visibility of enquiries that customers make through social media.

Real-time monitoring and reporting is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the capabilities of VCC. Compatibility and integration with a range of third party CRM solutions means that any further details of a particular customer can be accessed easily. Skills-based routing allows for customers to be matched to the specific agent who can assist them most effectively based off their skill set, so you can be safe in the knowledge that a customer’s query can be dealt with quickly. VCC features full PCI compliance functionality, ensuring that credit/debit card transactions are fully encrypted and not within sight of the agent, so card details cannot be compromised.

The flexibility to work remotely from the office has become even more important in the modern age, and VCC ensures that its tools are accessible and easy to use from any location. The agent console consists of a browser based desktop with no plug ins or add ons required, meaning that the system can be accessed easily from any device. Internal chat for the agents ensures that if a colleague needs help from another whilst working remotely, they can get hold of them quickly and easily.

As the manager of so many agents, you not only need to ensure that they have the tools to thrive in their positions, but you also need to be able to monitor their performance so you can effectively manage. VCC Analytics provides in depth statistics and insights for each of your agents, so you know where to make any improvements and also be aware of where things are going well, and the customer experience can then be fully managed based on analytical information.

8x8 Virtual Contact Centre provides every intuitive feature that a call centre requires to function to a level above and beyond what is expected. VCC ensures that by giving you and your customer service agents the tools to work efficiently, you have a solid base to provide a fantastic customer experience, which is no doubt a vital component in the success of a call centre’s operations.

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