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Flexible Mobile SIMs for your business

For the modern salesperson, use of a business mobile is key to ensuring they can remain easily contactable with the main office, and in order for them to get the most out of that functionality, a business SIM with sufficient minutes, texts and data is required. Businesses themselves also need flexibility to deal with alterations across the organisation, such as re-assigning a SIM to a new employee when there has been a change in personnel.

With our deals, we give you the flexibility of a 30 day rolling deal for every SIM card you purchase. In any business, there’s always the possibility of staff turnover at short notice due to a variety of circumstances, and the ability to remove or add SIMs on a monthly basis allows your business to remain fully up to date with assigned SIMs to current employees.

While monthly SIMs seem to be getting more complicated across the industry, our three simple tariffs have been designed to make choosing the right solution easy for your business. Not only do we offer extremely competitive pricing per SIM, ordering a greater number of SIMs allows you to save money and increase your ROI through bulk ordering.

Regardless of the amount of SIMs you need for your business, you’ll always receive a more than sufficient level of data, texts and minutes to ensure your employees can stay connected in the office and on the road. 20GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts, 4G connectivity and EU roaming are just some of the benefits that your employees will receive from a Telefonix business SIM.

For a small fixed daily charge, you can also utilise your data and minutes outside the EU, so you can take full advantage of unified communications across mobile devices no matter where you are in the world. Collaboration across mobile devices is key for 21st century business operations, and our SIMs can facilitate productivity and efficiency.

A unique benefit of our service is that your business is assigned a dedicated Telefonix account manager to help you get the most of your SIMs and the benefits they provide. They’ll be on hand to help out if you happen to encounter any issues and will provide tariff reviews to ensure you’re receiving exactly what your business needs.

To give you even more flexibility, our SIMs are available on the O2, Vodafone and Gamma networks, so you can choose what is best for you and your business based on the network you need. Take a look at our mobile SIMs page for our tariff options and a complete list of the benefits, or contact us here to find out more.

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