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Full Fibre is facilitating collaboration in Reading and Slough businesses

Technology has moved at such a relentless pace in the first fifth of the 21st century that it has outstripped any period of history before it. Businesses simply demand the fastest internet connections possible in order to compete in an ever growing market, and none more so than in the UK’s ‘Silicon Valley’, the M4 corridor. As the major technology hub of the UK, the M4 corridor contains businesses such as Microsoft, Cisco and O2, and Reading and Slough are two of the thriving towns that play host to these major organisations.

If your business is based in Reading and Slough, no doubt you were already aware of the area’s importance to the UK business economy and the nature of the competition as technology grows so rapidly. To do great business in 2019, organisations simply need superfast internet to facilitate their operations. Full Fibre connections allow collaboration to be fostered in a business. It makes the utilisation of VoIP based phone systems, cloud services, and remote storage an easily accessible set of goals for businesses looking to grow their operations.

What is Full Fibre?

You may be asking yourself about the difference between Full Fibre and different iterations of fibre. The one key difference is that other versions of fibre usually involve copper lines in one part of the connection, and fibre in the other part. Although this is undoubtedly faster than a pure copper connection, it is still a fraction of the speed of Full Fibre. Full Fibre is pure fibre from exchange to customer premises, taking connectivity into the next generation.

The good news for Reading and Slough based businesses is that they are now designated ‘Gigabit Cities’, meaning they are Full Fibre connected. Reading’s Gigabit fibre network extends for 30km, from the train station down to the M4, whilst 38km of network spans the area of Slough, including businesses on Europe’s largest privately owned trading estate. Gigabit means that speeds of 1000mb can be reached, providing all the bandwidth required for the demands of the modern business.

What does this mean for your business?

Is your business based in Reading or Slough? What is the set up of your business at the moment in terms of your telephony? Maybe you’ve considered moving your phone system from an ISDN to a VoIP solution, but were left concerned that running your phone communications over the internet would be problematic, especially with a dated copper connection. With a Full Fibre connection, Hosted Voice & SIP services mean that your business’s phone infrastructure can benefit from clearer call quality and the opportunity to use a softphone client in conjunction with your deskphone, opening up new means of collaboration between employees, whether they are office bound or working remotely.

The benefits of Full Fibre to a company’s telephony capabilities is just the tip of the iceberg. Just as important to a competitive business is its capabilities in the IT space. As more Reading and Slough businesses look to use cloud technology in their business, Full Fibre provides the perfect foundation for collaborative communications. You may have heard about the benefits of Office 365 over traditional Office, where Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs and associated documents are stored in the cloud, but may have been concerned that an insufficient internet connection would scupper use of the programs in the cloud environment. With the superfast speeds of Full Fibre, real time editing and sharing of documents between employees, regardless of location, is instant and available at any time.

The Cloud is the way forward

At the core of effective collaboration is data and information that is stored securely and in an easily accessible location. Cloud storage enables plentiful amounts of data to be stored remotely, and a virtual data centre in your business means that space can be saved by not having a physical server on site, and running costs are much lower. With a Full Fibre connection, your business has instant and reliable access to the most important data stored remotely, with no slowdown during peak business times.

At Telefonix we know it’s not easy for businesses to stay competitive in the current technological market, especially in areas such as Reading and Slough, but we can provide the solution to ensure organisations have the best chance of staying a step ahead of the competition. Talk to us today so you are ready for the business world of tomorrow.

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