Moving Office

Here's how moving office can improve your employee engagement

Moving office? It’s not usually a time you think of better employee engagement and productivity.

But now, it could be.

A business relocation presents the perfect time to test out a range of multi-channel, multi-device solutions for employees to be more effective from any location. This helps employees manage their work between locations, and it could also make them more productive, engaged and loyal going forward. This in turn can improve the customer experience.

Keep your most valuable asset - your best employees.

Your business relocation can be a double edged sword for HR. You might be a growing business moving to an area where you can hire from a better pool of candidates, however you might have to lose long-standing and qualified members of your teams in the relocation. Often, you need to replace employees. Having to replace highly qualified and experienced employees and train them from scratch at the same time while moving office can be the biggest drawback, both for managers, and for team mates that work well together. Team dynamics can be affected by how well management look after staff - whether or not they move with the business.

You could mitigate this by offering key employees the option of remote working with unified communications solutions.

Remote working doesn’t suit every business - but you might find more positive results than you expect.

The most prominent Stanford University study on remote working at travel agency CTrip measured the productivity of call centre workers. Staff who worked from home for 9 months showed a 13.5% increase in calls processed, higher reported job satisfaction and staff were half as likely to leave the organisation. Digital phone systems for business make this a viable option for all businesses, even small businesses.

Moving office doesn’t have to signal a permanent change to remote working but it is a perfect time to experiment with these options during the months of transition. If your business has positive results, you can adopt remote working solutions as part of your company culture, or offer it to the employees who show more productivity, engagement, or other business results. Mobile collaboration tools can be used anywhere, at any time, and can adapt to individual preferences.

However, if your business can not accommodate remote working options and you have to lose staff in the move, technology solutions can help with recruitment processes. Job interviews and training are increasingly conducted over video, widening the pool of candidates to potentially hire from anywhere in the world.

This can tide you over if you’re not in a position for a company-wide digital transformation.

However, the journey is easier than you think.

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