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How To Choose A New Phone System

A new phone system is a substantial long-term investment that needs to deliver solutions that will provide first class communication both internally and externally. With the variety of systems on offer in today's rapidly changing technology landscape it is helpful to take a step back and examine some of the underlying reasons why you would choose one solution over another. Typically first time buyers find buying a system very hard as they have little specialised knowledge and just need a solution for their business.

Often there is a phone system requirement because of a new business startup, change of location, company expansion or the old system not delivering the required quality of service. If any of these scenarios describe your situation then following our blog articles should help you.  We would recommend that you read through our blog posts in order to have a good understanding of which questions to ask, why people recommend the systems they do and what the eventual total charges may be.

Ultimately, the thing to bear in mind is that a phone system isn't just phones on desks. Today's advanced modular phone system designs mean that your system can be configured so that it is the perfect communications solution for your business; much more bespoke and suited to how your business operates.

Phone System Features

New phone systems are largely sold on features. When purchasing a new phone system, it is worth taking stock of your business and asking yourself how it might change over the next 3 years. Some of the following points may help you make a checklist:

  • Make a headcount of inside, mobile and remote users and project it 3 years into the future. Add analog devices such as fax machines and door entry mechanisms. This should be your starting point.
  • Are you likely to seasonally fluctuate in office/company size, for example do you process and distribute many orders at Christmas? If so, you’ll need telephony infrastructure that is easily scalable.
  • Do you need individual extensions with voicemail for every employee?
  • Do you need to manage all of your smartphones and tablets with the company phone system?
  • Do you need calls routed to people in remote locations?
  • Do you use conferencing in your business?
  • Do you need an auto attendant to route calls to the right person or department in your company? (press 1 for sales etc)
  • Do you want a hunt group mechanism whereby calls automatically forward to another employee if they are not answered?

How important are call recording and call logging to your business? Call recording is a legal requirement for certain industries.

Other phone system features are available that you may not be aware of, but maybe useful for your business, for example IVR and Unified Communications.  It may not be so immediately obvious, but just as there is a variety of features on phone system, there is also a variety of phone lines that the system can be on. Look out for our future blog where we will explore the options.

By analysing the requirements of your new telephone system must have's, you'll save yourself time in deciding what the new solution should be. This will help you to understand your As-Is and your To-Be solution which will enable you prioritise and project manage the delivery. To help you prioritise and keep the extras down, divide your requirements up into ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’.

And lastly, think ahead to a few years into the future, your new phone system needs to be able to grow with you!

This is how here at Telefonix Voice & Data we help you; rather than saying “you need a phone system”, we will discover how your business operates, we'll then demonstrate specific phone system technology and functionality that will improve your business.

This is why we call ourselves solution providers; we're at our best when you set us the challenge of solving your communication requirements and challenges. We'll solve your requirements, based on our knowledge of what's available on these systems and what works well.

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