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Is Your Current Telecoms Provider Downplaying The Change To SIP?

Find out why your current supplier downplays SIP trunking – if they do, you will be missing out.

It is ok to switch!

If you have been tied into an ISDN contract for many years, it is easy to become complacent with your existing solution and telecoms provider. If the solution meets your current needs then why would you ask your current provider for alternative solutions?

What is it?

It is a technology that routes phone calls via the internet to:

  • Cut call costs
  • Flex lines up and down in an instant, to suit your business
  • Enable you to configure and scale a telecoms system as your business grows
  • Future-proof your business needs
  • Reduce costly ISDN lines

However, many voice communications providers do not want to give you that.  

It sounds like an excellent product, so why haven't I been told about it?

While your existing provider might have it, they may not have heavily promoted this to you because they:

  • Have invested in older, less flexible technology
  • Get higher revenue by keeping customers on ISDN
  • Do not have the right skills or expertise

Why can't they cut my telecoms bills?

Why would they? Fortunately for you, SIP trunking is replacing traditional ISDN lines.  You should select a telecoms supplier who’s more interested in finding you the right solution for your business requirements, rather than protecting their profits.

However, the switch is surprisingly easy:

  • No new lines – Use your existing broadband connection, and configured for voice, which has attached service level agreements.
  • If your existing PBX is SIP compatible then you can simply provision new SIP trunks however if it is dated and not compliant then you may need to refresh the technology.
  • Flex to suit your business as you need it - perfect if your business has seasonal fluctuations.  You can increase and decrease capacity quickly, without the need to order more lines.  It makes your business be more agile, helping you manage your business to the optimum levels, especially during busy times.

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Moving forward

SIP is an open standard so it can integrate with any compatible system.  It will help your business become more agile and flexible, while also cutting cost by:

  • Bundling call costs for local, national and mobile
  • Making you more flexible and efficient, as lines can be increased or decreased within minutes
  • Having ready-made business continuity features included as standard
  • Enabling you to be more flexible and productive - take your telephone number with you if you move location to any other part of the UK, re-route calls instantly based on demand, create more dynamic business continuity processes

Today’s business climate calls for reliability, agility and flexibility.  To find out how you could improve your connectivity and reduce your costs talk to one of our solutions consultants today.

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