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Many companies with on-premises communications solutions struggle with expensive capital expenditures, support issues and other IT challenges, including managing multiple, fragmented solutions from different vendors, which hampers employee productivity and customer engagement efforts. Is your business experiencing similar pains?

In the past 12 months, some companies have tried to acquire a cloud strategy, and move away from providing on-premises solutions, which has led to some industry consolidation in the communications space.  

If you’re new to the Telefonix brand, you may make an initial assumption that we are solely based in the telephony business, but over the years we have developed a reputation for combining Telephony and IT services to enhance our clients’ technology capabilities across the board. And after all, we started as an IT consultancy business, so it’s an area we have been involved in for a long time. Our IT managed services are comprehensive, and may include a couple of features that you didn’t expect.

Along with our renowned telephony services, we have built a reputation for managing all our clients’ IT needs, from desktop software support to maintenance of large data stores. If your business is struggling to make time to maintain every aspect of your IT, we can do it all for you. We understand that the IT side of your business needs care and attention to maintain an efficient working environment, which is why we cover every aspect.

Do you have an ever expanding business with new employees joining regularly? Leave the user accounts, email set up, and network printer assignment to us. Need a little bit of help with your desktop software? You may not be technologically savvy, and there is no shame in making a simple call to one of our helpful support agents who can help you through anything you’re stuck with. Not sure on the best way to safeguard your company data in the modern age? We can arrange the best security for your business to ensure you are secure.

We can work with your business to arrange a Virtual Data Centre. Setting up a server room in your own business can prove costly and time consuming, which is why we offer a Virtual Data Centre package. The VDC is an automated and scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platform providing full bespoke cloud computing, with all your business data stored in a secure remote location.

Our UK data centres reside in London and Slough, giving dual location resiliency if you need it. This means you can have ultimate peace of mind knowing your data is stored in two highly secure facilities. We can also offer you a complete end-to-end service level agreement so you can be confident your service will be there when you need it.

If you’re in the scenario of having a network set up in your business already, but you think it could be more efficient, we offer a free IT health check of your entire infrastructure to look for where improvements and alterations can be made. You therefore have nothing to lose by getting a second opinion from one of our experts. You can easily request your free health check by contacting us here, and we will get back to you.

We realise that the above is quite an extensive skill set, and we have the certifications to prove our expertise and experience. We are proud to be Cyber Essentials certified, which demonstrates our commitment to Cyber Security, and is proof of our ability to protect IT networks against the most dangerous cyber attacks.

If you choose to take up a managed data centre, IT service, and/or network infrastructure with us, we can monitor your live services, and you can choose the option of an out of hours contract for when you need assistance. With our 24/7 support, you can get hold of an engineer regardless of the time of the day, as we know that emergencies can take place at any time.

Have a chat with us today about our comprehensive IT services, which sit alongside telephony in our large portfolio of products, ensuring our customers can grow and expand through the latest in technology.

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