Moving Office? The First Steps To Take

Before looking at the features of a new phone system or choosing which type of phone system to choose when you are moving office or expanding your existing office then you should consider the following as part of your checklist. These are some basic first steps that you’ll want to get ticked off your list to make sure that you’re doing the right thing and you’re in the right hands moving forward.


Ordering new lines, installation and new cabling for the office move takes time, so timescales need to be taken into account with your project. New ISDN or broadband lines can take up to six weeks to be installed (through BT), so the sooner you get your order in for these, the sooner you can have a new system up and running. SIP is faster, but still takes time.


Always inspect the cabling in your new premises as you may need to add further cabling in order to run your IT and telephony infrastructure. Whilst it maybe cheaper, it is not sensible to leave CAT5 cabling up to electricians, or to take the word of the landlord without your own visual inspection.


There are all sorts of common sense ways in which to judge the worth of any company, but the following is worth considering from the telecommunications perspective:

  • Accreditation: are they officially recognised for their expertise by the main venders?
  • Experience: do they have the proven experience and longevity to be likely to support you for the next few years?
  • Demonstration: can they show you the equipment prior to purchase and answer your questions about it?
  • Customer commitment: can they show you their support and helpdesk processes?
  • Value: do they believe enough in their equipment to offer a free trial before you need to purchase?
  • Finance: what finance options do they have in place?
  • Staff: how many trained specialist staff does the company have, or is it a glorified one man band?
  • Price: regardless of how professional or fantastic your first quotation appears to be, always shop around and request like for like comparisons broken down into units and descriptions that suit you rather than suit them.

Type of Phone System

Telephone systems come in various flavours, from cloud to IP phone systems. Each of these has different capabilities, features and costs.

In conclusion, experience tells us that many telecoms suppliers have notoriously hard-to-understand and binding contracts; we always encourage prospective clients never to accept a quotation that is not completely clear in its pricing and priced in anything other than conventional units of measure or item by item.  

For transparent pricing and easy to understand solutions which are right for your business, talk to us here at Telefonix, we'll be happy to discuss your needs with you.

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