Not prioritising Collaboration in your business? Take a second to consider the collaborative masterpieces of John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Collaboration. A buzzword that you’ve probably heard over and over in the office. But what does it actually mean? Your initial thought may be one of a musical collaboration, if Calvin Harris and Rag‘n’Bone Man is to your taste. If you hail from a different generation, it might be the legendary lyricism of Paul McCartney and John Lennon that you think of first. Collaboration is the process of two or more people or organisations working together to achieve a common goal or complete a task. With that in mind, maybe the office environment can learn a thing or two from our musical counterparts. After all, who has ever been able to resist singing along to ‘Hey Jude’?

You might think it’s a tenuous link, but look at what effective musical collaboration has brought to the world. Outstanding results could be a collaborative solution away, your business just isn’t using it yet. Luckily, Collaborate by Gamma offers services such as instant messaging, presence, desktop/app and document sharing, voice and video communication, and is driven through simple end user apps in Windows, MAC, Android and iOS, so it doesn’t matter which device you choose to use.

How many times in your business have you emailed over a document to your colleague, or opened up a third party instant messaging service on your desktop to make contact with them? Wouldn’t you rather have one system where documents can be shared and instant messaging can be made in one interface? Collaborate does it all. Choosing to keep it all separate is the equivalent of Paul McCartney having chosen to write all of the Beatles songs on his own. What made those songs so groundbreaking was effective collaboration between two people. Teamwork makes the dream work, and Collaborate facilitates it.

Looking around at your desk, you might have a deskphone which is in no way linked to anything you have on your PC or MAC, so any communication you’re making to colleagues on your phone is not synced to your internet based chats. Keep it all in one place. That way any projects you’re working on with your team can be more easily tracked, and improvements can be made from effective analysis of previous communications. It’s a no brainer.

Collaborate is part of the Horizon offering by Gamma. Horizon is a purely cloud based phone system, meaning costs are lowered by having no capital outlay, it is rich in telephony features, and can be easily linked to your work mobile through Gamma Connect. With Unified Communications already in place with Horizon, it’s a natural progression to integrate Collaborate into the system.

So what does Collaborate look like? Here’s a snapshot of the desktop interface to give you an idea:

The simple interface allows Andy Smith to update his availability and presence to ensure his colleagues can be aware of his current status. From here he can start instant messaging with any contact on his list, and make calls as easily from the same interface. He can then go into ‘My Room’ to start a video conference, and share any important documents with colleagues in important meetings.

If Andy isn’t near his desktop, he can access the same features through his iOS or Android device, and also take advantage of fixed mobile convergence, utilising the full features of his Horizon deskphone on the Connect app.

With Gamma Collaborate, there’s no excuse for your company to not embrace the benefits of collaboration. Collaborate provides the foundation, ensuring employees can communicate effectively across unified channels. You may not write Number 1 hits in the process, but you can be rest assured that you’ll be benefitting from true collaboration in the way that Lennon and McCartney did back in the good old days.

Talking about the Beatles, did you know cloud computing’s foundations were in the 1960s? Read the full cloud story here.

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