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Seven Reasons to Say Yes to Cloud Communications

Many IT and business leaders believe that shifting communications to the cloud is risky. The reality is that not moving can be far riskier (as in, “your company could be nonexistent five years from now” riskier). In today’s fast-paced digital business era, seeing changes in the market and responding quickly is the key to success.

Having the agility to do this requires a highly dynamic and agile IT foundation. And communications is at the heart of any digital transformation initiative. Here are seven irrefutable reasons to say “yes” to cloud communications:

1. The top two drivers of digital transformation are enhancing customer service and improving employee productivity—communications is core to both.

2. The more advanced the capabilities of a contact centre, the more likely customers will have a positive experience that increases brand loyalty (legacy solutions built only on voice can’t hold a candle).

3. Long upgrade cycles were fine in an era of lengthy market transitions. Today, innovation can and must happen faster. A cloud model is designed for rapid innovation to meet new and highly dynamic business needs.

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4. Roll out new services and add new features as fast as you feel comfortable (as in right now, today).

5. Streamline operations: deploy what you want, when you want for any reason necessary.

6. Address compliance and security mandates: a few years ago, businesses were reluctant to adopt cloud communications because they lacked the reliability and/or security of traditional systems (we get it). But this is no longer true. Today’s modernised cloud solutions can be designed with high reliability, security, and compliance for meeting specific business and industry needs.

7. Empower every worker as a change agent: help employees collaborate more quickly to make the best possible decisions in the shortest amount of time, regardless of location or what tools are being used.
The time for cloud communications is now. But it’s imperative that decision makers choose the best delivery model for their business.

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Adapted from 'Seven Reasons to Say Yes to Cloud Communications', written by Steve Forcum and originally posted to the official site of Avaya.

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