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You’ve come to the conclusion that your business needs to update their phone system, but you’ve become so used to the on-premise system that you’ve relied on for so long that you’re not entirely sure about a full shift over to a cloud based system. For some businesses, such a move can seem time consuming and risky when they don’t have an opportunity to trial out cloud telephony before making the commitment to change.

To fully get an idea of the numerous benefits, taking on a full month’s trial of a cloud based system should give you and your business the perfect opportunity to try out the technology. At Telefonix, we are so confident in a cloud system’s abilities that we will remove any service at no extra cost to you if you’re not fully satisfied. With that in mind, what else could be holding you back?

In case you haven’t heard, cloud hosted telephony has rapidly become the way forward for fast growing and developing businesses in the 21st century. Over the course of your month’s trial, you can fully experience the capabilities of a cloud based VoIP system, as opposed to the outdated features of ISDN. The countless benefits to VoIP were covered in our previous blog back in November.

If members of your IT department are burdened by the continuous maintenance of your expensive on-premise equipment, a cloud system may be the perfect solution to free up much needed space in the office and allow those in IT to place their focus elsewhere. With all your critical data stored off site in a secure location, you no longer need to worry about loss of data from disasters and you can remain safe from the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches.

Like many other businesses, providing a truly innovative customer experience is likely to be pivotal for your company operations. Moving to a cloud hosted system makes it easy to adopt softphone and app capabilities alongside a physical handset for each user. Remote workers can therefore receive and make calls to their customers regardless of their location, whether they are in a meeting or at home.

With your current phone system, what is your business process for when calls come in? You may have it that any call simply goes straight to a receptionist or a set group of people who then answer. But is it efficient if you have a range of different enquiries that would be best answered by a particular department? A cloud system hosted on SIP Trunks allows for call routes to be assigned through an intuitive web portal, so when a call comes in, it’s easy for the caller to pick the right department.

With an outdated phone system, it can be time consuming and unnecessarily complicated to add users to the system when the business grows rapidly or drastically changes in size due to seasonal demand. The flexibility of a cloud system is that users can be added or removed quickly and easily, so scalability is simple for small or medium businesses looking to expand their operations.

If your business is still using an outdated system, you can easily be missing out on increased security, enhanced customer experience, and the potential to grow operations quickly and efficiently. Now is the perfect opportunity to try out these advantages over the course of a month with no obligation to commit. For more information, have a look at our Try Before You Buy page or contact us here to find out more.

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