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UC solutions make light work of estate agents’ travel demands

You’re an estate agent, you’re busy, you’re barely in the office. Saturday rolls around and you have a myriad of viewings to attend to. No doubt that some of the people coming to view will need to ring you, and you’ll need to stay in touch with the office throughout the day. You’ll of course have a business mobile to stay contactable, but is it fully integrated with your all important office phone?

That’s where Gamma Connect comes in. Rather than just having a work mobile and a desk phone as two separate entities, Connect allows you to utilise all the benefits of the Gamma Horizon desk phone on your mobile, for true unified communications. With Connect, you literally have your feature rich desk phone in the palm of your hand, wherever you go.

With this in mind, think about your typical Saturday as an estate agent. With the amount of viewings you’ll be undertaking, chances are you won’t be able to take all of your calls if you’re in the middle of talking to prospective buyers or renters. Luckily, Connect allows for you to retrieve voicemails that were left on your desk phone, so you can get back to people quickly.

Once you’re in the car and driving to your next viewing, you’ll understandably want to jump on your hands free to ring people back or be ready for any incoming calls. Connect allows you to present your office phone number from your mobile, so anyone needing to get in contact only needs to know your one office number, regardless of where you are.

At the core of all this mobile capability with Connect is the Horizon platform itself, the complete cloud based communications system. The benefits are numerous. There are no maintenance or on site costs, as all the equipment is based off site, and no capital outlay, which leads to a reduction in expenditure that would otherwise be accrued under an outdated legacy system.

By utilising the intuitive cloud based features of the Horizon platform, you and your colleagues can fully focus on maintaining relationships with house buyers, sellers, and renters, without having to worry about your IT setup. By throwing Connect into the mix, you have the all important mobile capabilities that fit seamlessly with the Horizon platform, ensuring the people that are out of the office the most are not hindered by their absence from the main premises.

So the next time Saturday rolls around, and the viewings and calls start to come in, you know that with Horizon and Connect you’ll always be on the same page as your office bound colleagues, wherever your job may take you.

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