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Unified Communications for the Legal Sector

Law firms face distinct challenges, not only in terms of being highly regulated but also having logistical issues in organising their communications channels with staff often being offsite with clients and in court. Juggling various modes of communicating appear to be familiar themes, no matter how small or large the firm is.  To keep up with the demands of the day-to-day running of a practice, efficient communications and technology solutions are paramount.

However, all too often the efficiency just isn’t there: if the business infrastructure is updated piecemeal over a period of time it will most likely result in disparate tools and a disjointed user experience with, for example, poor connectivity, limited/no access to internal systems from remote sites and/or no access to the desk-phone directory from mobile devices.

Unified Communications (UC) refer to a range of products (hardware, software and services) that combine all tools and channels to enable a consistent, unified user experience across multiple devices, in the office or remotely, without ever leaving the application. Numbers are easily ported from device to device, services are seamlessly accessed remotely and connectivity services easily support data-hungry applications like video.

Adopting unified communications can empower legal firms in many ways including improving employee productivity and delivering scales of efficiency by allowing work to be done more quickly and securely.  Client satisfaction is also seen to increase through improved response times and all the aforementioned benefits contribute to an increase in overall employee engagement levels.  Furthermore, unified communications have been shown to deliver real cost savings and are also easily scalable for company expansion and new office set up.

In summary, legal firms that adopt unified communications can be more productive, responsive and dynamic, leading to cases being closed in a faster turnaround period.  This then has a positive impact on overall profit margins whilst equally clients benefit from a sleeker service delivery model.


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