Why do businesses need to use mobile collaboration tools?

If you work in Marketing, Customer Service or you’re the all-seeing CEO of your business, you are ultimately responsible for the perception of your company and your online presence. If something happens, teams need access to react and correct problems immediately. Your website(s), your app(s) and your social media defines your business.

Some businesses are expected to be ‘on’ 24/7 more than others. A case in point - when Google had a cloud back-up service problem and it was not fixed over the weekend, The Register picked up on it.

If that was your business, how much would it hurt your brand? What would your customers think?

The only way you can compete in this world is to have a mobile collaboration solution that gives your employees all the tools they need to achieve more, wherever they choose to work, and on any device they use.

On both sides, business mobile collaboration will only increase: 67% of workers already use their personal devices in the workplace while 50% of companies are expected to require employees to provide their own devices for their jobs this year.

Forget desks.

The technology your business depends on can create a better or worse company culture.

The entire structure of a workspace is changing. Your people are not tied to a desk anymore. This means businesses can put more people where they are needed, on the road, facing customers, at more events, or at home - with the right tools for full efficiency at all times.

It makes sense for business. Companies don't have to provide devices, while employees get more done and save an average of 81 minutes a week by using their own devices.

Meanwhile, the number of people choosing flexible, part time, remote and self-employment is increasing year on year. Reasons for this include flexibility, control, creativity and passion.

As more employees decide to go freelance, you need a way to keep your best employees and bring people together. You can do this simply by upgrading your technology to unite teams and serve customers whenever it is needed.

Focus on your business.

Mobility means different things depending if you are a call centre manager, hotel manager, retail manager, or a medical worker. A bespoke approach needs to take into account individual business needs.

Our industry leading engagement solutions enable users to check your calls, email, IM and presence of colleagues straight from your company directory on any screen, on any device, and you can track the location of mobile workers with geo-presence and video. This type of system can adapt to individual employees depending on their needs, and this will differentiate your company.

Businesses that adopt flexible, collaborative communications systems will gain a competitive edge, with added productivity and engagement between employees and customers.

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