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Your business meetings flow naturally with better audio quality

We expect exceptional audio when we go to the movies, isn’t it time that business audio and video conferencing caught up?

Despite the widespread use of audio, web and video conferencing, business productivity is diminished by poor audio quality that prevents natural interactions. Meetings end up being inefficient, with users disengaged.

When you are holding business meetings you shouldn’t be put off audio or video conferencing solutions because of poor sound quality.

There is an answer. Dolby Voice makes conferencing exceptionally clear, natural, and productive by delivering an in-person experience with stunning audio quality.

How does the Dolby Conference Phone improve business communications?

For more than 50 years, Dolby Laboratories has been studying how our brains process sound. Dolby has now used their extensive audio experience across cinema, home theatre and broadcasting to improve business communications and collaboration.

Dolby Voice delivers stunning audio quality as well as enhanced background noise suppression so your conference calls are no longer noisy, distracting, and hard to follow. Their 360 degree voice pickup captures the entire room’s conversation, with spatial audio technology to pick up in-room and remote voices, making it easier to keep track of who is speaking, even at the same time.

The Dolby Conference Phone provides full-room voice capture which picks up even quiet voices from anywhere in the room and presents them clearly to remote attendees as if they were coming from distinct virtual locations. Everyone in the meeting knows who’s talking and can easily follow the conversation, so remote participants feel—and contribute— as if they are actually in the room.

Traditional audio conferencing technology can leave people feeling mentally exhausted, your brain is working overtime to just follow the conversation and figure who is speaking at any given time as voices are collapsed together, typically in narrowband and delivered in mono to one ear. This often results in repeated questions, misheard answers and misinterpretations.

With Dolby Voice technology you get clear and naturally flowing conversations which lead to increased comprehension and participation, so meetings are more efficient— and more productive.

Telefonix announces our collaboration with Dolby Laboratories to deliver this enhanced meeting experience in our press release.

Dedicated support from Telefonix will help you implement audio and video conferencing in your boardroom for better collaboration, flexibility and productivity.

Dolby Voice technology includes background noise suppression to ensure common challenges in video and audio conferences such as background noise, echo, delay and uneven sound levels are all addressed.

Business meetings are easy to start and join: simply click on a meeting link from your computer or tap in from the mobile app. You’ll get the same superior audio conferencing services whether at your desk or on the go—fully engaging from your mobile phone, with no more compromises. To ensure everyone is included, meetings also work from a traditional phone.

BlueJeans video conferencing has made the Dolby Conference Phone a fully integrated part of their Bluejeans rooms solution, supporting spatial audio to help people differentiate who is talking on a conference call, and a one-touch connection to any BlueJeans meeting.

Have you experienced the audio quality of the Dolby Conference Phone or as part of BlueJeans video meetings?

BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone

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