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Your business needs innovative video conferencing

The innovative BlueJeans video solution for meetings, events and rooms is the ideal fit for clients transitioning to a cloud model.

We have partnered with BlueJeans to provide a dedicated service and IT support help desk for growing UK businesses. This will allow them to implement video conferencing as part of their unified communications and collaboration solutions, with support for implementation and interoperability across existing systems and platforms.

Collaboration is key in today’s workplace and BlueJeans makes collaborating easy across many different applications, devices and platforms. Improving productivity and reducing travel costs are the top two reasons businesses adopt video conferencing.

Here’s our top 3 reasons to use BlueJeans for your business:

  1. Cloud video solutions are easily accessible at any time, from any device and at any location
  2. Interoperability with pre-built integration to widely-used conference room systems, desktop applications and mobile devices
  3. Improved collaboration throughout the business and with customers and suppliers with screen sharing, recording, chat and remote desktop control.

Telefonix Voice & Data's partnership with BlueJeans Network offers UK businesses a transformative end-to-end video solution. 

Telefonix can help businesses bring out the best from BlueJeans video meetings as part of plans to improve productivity, flexibility, business growth, and save travel time and costs - with reliable meetings on any device, with any system, and in any location.

Telefonix provides full support for BlueJeans and offers a 24 hour help desk for all-round business confidence.

Learn more about our partnership in our press release.

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