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Case Study: Barmans (drinkstuff)

Find out how we created a scalable Telephony solution supporting growth and improvements to the Customer Experience. and handle rapid growth.



A successful family run business since 1977, Barmans Ltd is the premier online provider of bar, cocktail and catering equipment. Supplying over 12,000 products to domestic and trade users, Barmans has grown to become a global supplier providing high end products. The company has achieved this level of success by delivering excellent customer service, with a 24 hour dispatch rate on orders and a rapid response call team.

This focus on customer service was the basis of understanding for Telefonix Voice & Data, working closely with Barmans to design a bespoke telephony system to fit their needs. As Barmans continued to grow, they needed a telephony system that would be as agile as their team. With customer service such a crucial part of Barmans identity, it was vital that they selected a provider who understood the importance of this. Telefonix Voice & Data understood just how essential this was and focused on the need for the dynamic support team to deliver extraordinary customer service as the environment changed.

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Telefonix Voice & Data recommended an Avaya IP Office solution that would empower the Barmans staff, providing them with the foundations of a long-term, scalable platform which would support them for years to come. Telefonix Voice & Data designed and installed the new Avaya IP Office bespoke solution as a key partnership for their growing business, provided system training to all staff, and continue to support them with the solution, both onsite and remotely.


Barmans has now enjoyed the benefits of a robust telephony infrastructure for over a decade, thanks to our understanding of just how important customer service is to Barmans, and our own passion to deliver outstanding results to our customers.

Barmans also makes use of the Avaya IP Office solution in their warehouse to help them maintain their 24 hour dispatch rate on orders, by installing a number of DECT phones throughout the Barman warehouse. Staff are able to operate more efficiently and with improved flexibility to handle any volume of orders with ease thanks to the handsets. This solution has excelled in co-ordinating additional staff during the busy christmas period to handle an increased influx of orders.

“It is very important for me to be able to use our (DECT) phones all around the warehouses to manage these almost round the clock operations during this frantic time.”
Matt Graney, Warehouse Manager

Barmans monitor their customer service performance by using a call reporting and logging system as part of the Avaya IP Office solution. By using a live wallboard to observe the number of calls throughout a day and generate reports, Barmans are able to gain valuable insights into their team’s performance.

“It’s a great tool to see if our staffing levels are right, and to make sure that we’re getting to the customer’s calls within three rings. Nobody ever complains about it as it always just works.”
Emma Cockman, Barmans HR Officer

The data provided by the call reporting and logging, along with the other aspects that make up the Avaya IP Office solution have allowed Barmans to operate at maximum efficiency. The results have been immediate and the feedback to Telefonix Voice & Data has been overwhelmingly positive showing that the bespoke solution ticked all the boxes for Barmans.

“Barmans is a long-standing client who we’ve had the privilege of looking after for ten years, we’ve been with them through repeated technology cycles and various IP Office iterations, and we’ve grown to understand every aspect of the business. We wish Barmans continued success, and look forward to supporting the Barmans team for many more years to come.” -Mike Kirby, Managing Director
Telefonix Voice & Data

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