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Case Study: Everyday Loans


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Planning for Success

The successful lending company Everyday Loans prides itself on outstanding customer service with it’s friendly yet professional approach. To support their operations and allow for steady business expansion they reached out to Telefonix Voice & Data to find the right telephony solution to fit their needs.  

The Challenge of Growth

Everyday Loans provides straightforward and quick loans for individuals looking to borrow amount upwards of £1,000 - £15,000. As business rapidly increased, the company needed to expand their physical retail presence. At the centre of the business model was that they finalise loans for new customers by appointment, face-to-face, so they needed to maintain their telephony and technology systems to keep up with increasing demand.

Everyday Loans wanted an integrated telephony solution that would be cost effective from day one, but would additionally allow for flexible scaling as the branch network expanded. They also intended to use the system to help support head office operations, so this was a requirement that would need to be taken into account when designing the system.

The new system would provide Everyday Loans with a robust and reliable telephony infrastructure and reinforce their customer service values. Delivering their approachable, friendly and professional message and supporting it with reliable and secure technology was paramount.

“Our aggressive business plans require shrewd investment in a technology solution that will support the evolution of the business, and Telefonix demonstrated a rare understanding of not only the technology, but how to apply it to support a rapidly growing multi-site operation.” Danny Malone, CFO at Everydayloans


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Finding A Scaleable Solution

To achieve the requirements that Everyday Loans set out, Telefonix Voice & Data created a bespoke solution by incorporating and integrating a number of technologies from Avaya, IBM, Microsoft and Citrix. This combination allowed for a resilient, highly scalable internet protocol (IP) infrastructure that would be up to task and meet the latest standards. The multibranch Avaya IP Office solution facilitates the company's multi-site structure and provides them with a robust and able system to support their needs and future growth, regardless of how many retail premises they wished to add.

The data centre houses an IBM BladeCenter server environment capable of delivering a highly scalable solution to business growth thanks to its modular components. It provides a cost effective approach to Windows-based infrastructure and ensures high reliability and easy maintenance. Customers can have confidence in Everyday Loans security thanks to the thin client technology for desktop computing resulting in no data being store locally. The improved security and reliably of these systems mets the law and regulation and allows for a computing infrastructure that is ready and able for years to come.

“We are focused on developing a financial services business and are delighted that the team from Telefonix is working with us to deliver the technology to support the business plan.” Danny Malone, CFO at Everydayloans

Value Created

Technology which is secure, effective, and reliable in supporting customer interactions and back-office operations

Technology solution supporting the evolution of the business.

“Our business is about providing customers with relevant and cost effective technology solutions that work hard for them rather than the other way round. Everydayloans is a great example of how we can help rapidly growing or changing businesses that don’t want to focus on technology, but need it to be successful, affordable and scaleable.” Mike Kirby, Managing Director of Telefonix Voice & Data

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