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Case Study: Hampton Mortgage Servicing

Following FCA regulations, implementing a cross-functional, complaint telephony system for handling and recording large numbers of customer calls was needed.


Hampton Mortgage Serving Client Logo Case Study Telefonix 


Hampton Mortgage Servicing is one of the largest shared equity mortgage groups in the UK. They provide a comprehensive specialist administration and servicing platform for customers. Their tailored approach to each customer allows them to provide a professional, efficient and personal service to meet every need. With a company philosophy of delivering a specialist, proactive management solution it is no surprise that Hampton Mortgage Servicing has grown into the successful business that it is.

Hampton Mortgage Servicing were looking to relocate to a new headquarters from their existing one, they reached out to Telefonix Voice & Data with two main requirements:

One, they needed a telephony system that would be reliable and flexible to allow for rapid expansion and two, they needed to be compliant with the Financial Conduct Authority’s new regulation. This requires telephony infrastructure to record and retain all telephone conversations and electronic communications for a six month period. Hampton Mortgage Servicing current infrastructure was a VoIP system which was not FCA complaint so Telefonix Voice & Data  advised them on the best route forward. 

“Cloud Hosted VoIP was flexible and allowed us to grow easily, but just wasn’t FCA compliant. So we looked for an alternative that was as flexible as cloud VoIP in terms of ramping up the business, but which was also FCA compliant.“ Paul Morris, Managing Director.

Telefonix recommended that Hampton Mortgage Servicing move to an on-premise Avaya IP Office solution with growth in mind, allowing them to add and remove handsets as their business grew. SIP trunks would allow for a more reliable and stable line and by adding the FCA-complaint Oak Call Recorder with reporting software, Telefonix Voice & Data were able to tailor the solution to fit all of Hampton Mortgage Servicing’s requirements. The deployment of the system also included IP handsets on PoE data switches to facilitate the growth of the business in a flexible and cost-effective manner, allowing for new handsets to easily be added to the telephony system.  

The installed Oak Call Recorder offers fully encrypted call recording, giving peace of mind and call security, to the already robust Avaya IP Office solution. For Hampton Mortgage Servicing this means that they are now completely FCA complaint and can guarantee satisfaction and confidentiality to both new and existing customers. With Hampton Mortgage Servicing handling over 11,000 loans across 30 portfolios, the importance of having a reliable and secure telephony system is paramount.

Thanks to the installed solution, Hampton Mortgage Servicing was able to rapidly increase in size and add new staff members with ease. They were also able to retain all their existing telephone numbers during the relocation to their new headquarters. Telefonix Voice & Data remains a trusted advisor for Hampton Mortgage Servicing continuing to support the company in delivering outstanding customer service.

Hampton Mortgage Serving Client Case Study Telefonix

“As a company, we’re genuinely delighted with the Avaya solution that Telefonix Voice & Data suggested and put in place for us. And above all, the thing that’s set Telefonix apart has been how incredibly flexible they are. Regardless of the request and nature of the query, Telefonix is always there at the end of the phone, and an engineer comes round to fix issues straight away. That is the standard of customer service that we also pride ourselves on, and it is a good business feeling to work with a company that has as high a standard of customer service as I ask of my own team” Paul Morris, Hampton Mortgage Servicing, Managing Director

“Being the telecoms advisor for Hampton Mortgage Servicing is another example of the bespoke solutions that works best for clients, and the Avaya IP Office platform gives us the flexibility that we need for rapidly growing companies such as this” Mike Kirby, Managing Director, Telefonix Voice & Data.

Hampton Mortgage Servicing is another example of how Telefonix Voice & Data can create a bespoke solution to fit a customer's needs. The Avaya IP Office platform gives the flexibility needed to allow for companies to grow rapidly. 

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