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Case Study: The Pen Warehouse


Pen Warehouse Logo Telefonix Client Case Study


Putting Customer Service First

The core philosophy of The Pen Warehouse, successful pens and promotional materials company, is that outstanding customer service is of the uppermost importance. To achieve this high standard they needed a telephony system that would facilitate their daily running of business operations with a minimum technical overhead.

Customer Service Paramount

The Pen Warehouse is a leading supplier of promotional pens and has achieved this position through superb levels of service and dedication to their customers. This success led to The Pen Warehouse expanding beyond the capabilities of its existing telephony system.

They needed a new system would need to fit the needs of The Pen Warehouse to enable them to continue to deliver their outstanding service and reach new heights. The promotions market is extremely competitive, so it was crucial their telephony system could help them stand above the rest and keep their position as the industry’s sourcing reference for promotional products, not only in the UK and Ireland but also across Europe.

“We could not be more pleased with the Avaya IP Office solution implemented for us by Telefonix. IP Office makes it easy for us to do what we do best - give superb customer service - and we have no hesitancy in recommending both Avaya and Telefonix as essential technology partners critical to our ongoing business success story” - Neil Cleere, MD of The Pen Warehouse

Investing In Avaya IP Office

The Pen Warehouse is able to deliver its high level of customer service because it invests in its staff with training programmes for customer service and specific technologies. Their technology needed to support and enable their skilled and knowledgeable staff to work to their full potential. This is where Telefonix Voice & Data recommended the Avaya IP Office platform as the company's new telephony system which has led to expansion of customer teams by 70% in one year.


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“By redesigning our account handling departments into four separate call groups, we immediately noticed a difference in the customer service that we were able to give to our clients. Since then we have gone from strength to strength, expanding our customer teams as much as 70% in one year, and with Telefonix maintaining the system for us, the system is completely hassle free.” Neil Cleere, MD of The Pen Warehouse

Technology Making Money

The Pen Warehouse utilizes the Avaya IP Office platform to allow for a more efficient workflow within their daily operations. One benefit is that the system routes incoming customer calls to their designated account handlers automatically, along with the account details presented on their operator's screen at the same time. For new customers or those held in a queue, the system imparts marketing information which can be changed easily to maintain up to date data.

The most important feature for The Pen Warehouse was the ability to record all calls and customer exchanges with secure and complete logs of all transactions. These and many other features work together to create a telephony infrastructure that provides a solid foundation for The Pen Warehouse to expand on in the future.

“We quickly realised that the Avaya IP Office system allowed us to make technology our servant, rather than our master, and by customising the system to suit our business, technology makes us money, rather than costing the earth.” Neil Cleere, MD of The Pen Warehouse

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