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Avaya Case Study: Rightmove Avaya Case Study

Providing a flexible telephony system with intelligent call routing and remote server systems to support the UK's number one property portal provide top tier customer service through rapid expansion.


Right Move Client Logo Telefonix Voice Data Case Study

Rightmove.co.uk is the UK’s leading property listing website that aims to empower the UK’s decisions around property. By facilitating an effective, yet simple, search platform they have made it easier for property listers and buyers to find their ideal house. By allowing the two sides of the market to exist in one ecosystem, and offering superb customer service, Rightmove have propelled themselves to be the go to site for property listing thanks to a proven track record. Rightmove have been able to develop such a strong customer service team and grow the business by delivering excellent customer service with the philosophy that every call is important.


Rightmove’s fundamental value for outstanding customer service is built into the company’s DNA and is equally shared by Telefonix Voice & Data who are just as passionate about top tier customer service. This mutual understanding is what allows Telefonix Voice & Data to focus on meeting Rightmove’s needs and building a healthy business relationship. As Rightmove are an ever growing company, the challenge was to establish a telephony system that would accommodate their needs for years to come throughout their expansion. The recommended solution would provide a robust and reliable infrastructure, combined with the flexibility to fit their needs and guarantee accommodation of growth.

The solution created by Telefonix Voice & Data would achieve this by establishing a virtual Avaya Server Edition infrastructure, running as a primary and secondary server for Rightmove’s two main offices. This approach ensures that there is no single point of failure and provides Rightmove with peace of mind in the systems reliability, by having almost immediate failover.

The telephony system also facilities remote VPN to allow for remote access to further support the business in the event of any downfall or need to work off site. In conjunction with this bespoke telephony solution, Telefonix Voice & Data recommended XIMA Chronicall to Rightmove, to provide them with the power to analyse their call performance.

This has enabled Rightmove to operate with more flexibility and efficiency by adjusting their staff numbers in relation to the volume of calls, by forecasting trends from analysing the generated data. By empowering Rightmove to make highly informed business decisions, XIMA Chronicall has become a crucial part of the Rightmove software workflow.

To enhance their customer service efficiency further, Rightmove makes use of advanced call routing as part of their telephony infrastructure to control the routing of priority customers. By utilising call routing to seamlessly direct calls, major clients can get through to their dedicated representative faster as well as reducing pressure on the customer support team.

“Nowadays we’re using intelligent call routing to make sure that major customers go to the major accounts team rather than hammering the generic customer support team.” 

- Darren Walsh, Rightmove IT Services Manager

Throughout Rightmove’s journey to their new telephony infrastructure, Telefonix Voice & Data were on hand to assist through every challenge.
Delivering a high standard of customer service requires not only a strong team but the right technology to support them. The specialised and bespoke systems allows for growth, so that they can expand safe in the knowledge that the solution will also grow with them. Telefonix Voice & Data along with the the Avaya IP Office telephony system have been a perfect fit for the Rightmove team and continue to support them and their philosophy.


“At Telefonix Voice & Data, our 21st century converged voice and data solutions unify your telecoms and IT to seamlessly deliver voice, messaging, conferencing and IT facilities to any employee employed by your business - anywhere, anytime, and in exactly the format they need. With flexible finance and bespoke solutions, your IT and telecoms projects couldn’t be in better hands.”
- Mike Kirby, Managing Director, Telefonix Voice & Data


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