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These solutions are the first step up from a traditional analog line, enabling your business to scale from two to eight lines, and then to thirty lines, and multiples thereafter.  It enables you to introduce new features into your company's telephone system and make use of additional applications which will enable your business to grow.

Important note: It is already widely known that BT will cease providing these lines as a carrier effective from 2025, with the sale of the product being halted as soon as 2020.  With this in mind, we do not recommend this solution beyond 2018. SIP trunking is the natural successor to ISDN with numerous benefits.

Nevertheless it is still one of the most economical and efficient communication systems, and commonly used in medium as well as large businesses with compatible services including Call Diversion, Diverse Routing, Calling Line Identification (CLI) and Prompt Care maintenance.

For computer telephony applications, an ISDN PBX with a computer interface is essential. As many applications have been designed for BRI, a Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) service may need a multiplexer device at the PBX in order to convert some of the channel interfaces to BRI.

Features and Benefits

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Calling Line Identification
  • Direct Dialing in (DDI)
  • Channels: eight channels which can be increased further


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