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Leased Lines

For when fast Internet access is vital rather than simply convenient, experience your own dedicated line for excellent reliability.

A leased line is a private line with guaranteed speeds and reliability, essential for when internet access is critical to your business, carrying only communications and traffic from your company, resulting in a guaranteed level of service.




Our leased lines are fully managed, uncontended and symmetric (high speed in both directions) service, with bandwidth reserved exclusively for your business, ensuring very fast, always-on access for your business-critical systems and applications.

When fast business broadband Internet access is vital rather than simply convenient, a leased line is the answer, with speeds up to 1Gb available.   We provide lines for your business with fixed, dedicated bandwidth delivered starting from 10Mb upwards protected by our SLA agreements.

With a dedicated line running in your business, your organisation can focus on fostering collaboration during peak times, utilising cloud technology such as Office 365, and implementing cyber security measures to safeguard your operations, safe in the knowledge that you won't be subject to slowdowns and issues during peak times.

Our service includes hardware, support, and guaranteed service level agreements.




Features and Benefits

  • QoS on voice
  • High speeds up and down stream 
  • Dedicated cabling into building - no contention
  • Specified SLA’s
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Bandwidth from 10Mb
  • Uncontended private dedicated bandwidth, 1:1 contention ratio, fully managed hardware
  • Managed service
  • 99.5% uptime
  • Nationwide access
  • Fixed monthly bill
  • Resiliency options include ADSL, Leased Line, and Ethernet
  • Scalable - ability to increase bandwidth


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