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DECT Cordless Solutions

WiFi and DECT solutions to fit onto your existing phone systems and provide freedom of movement


The standard DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is commonly used for domestic or corporate purposes. Digital portable, wireless phones have access to a fixed telephone network via radio. Users will have freedom of movement with secure DECT solutions and connections internally. 

DECT systems can be fitted on analogue or digital systems, including voice over IP phones (VoIP). 


  • Better quality speech and greater operating range
  • Handsets tend to be smaller, lighter and more feature-rich
  • Next generation digital technology delivers crystal clear voice quality for wireless communications
  • Sleek and feature rich handsets with Avaya systems
  • Affordable, easy to set up and use, for any size business
  • Stay connected and responsive anywhere on site and reduce phone tag
  • Great customer service – never miss a call because you’re away from your desk
  • Reduced IT requirements – easy to deploy and easy to manage through the IP Office Web Manager interface
  • Secure phone calls across different locations and sites


  • Combination of up to 384 analog, digital and IP phones.
  • Capacity for 16 analogue trunks or 8 digital trunks, SIP trunks also supported. Additional analogue trunks can be added with expansion modules.
  • Option to support up to 128 voice compression channels.
  • Range of up to 500 metres. This can be extended using one or more ‘repeaters’ or ‘signal boosters’ between the base station and the furthest required point or weakest signal areas, and can jump between a network of repeaters and base stations.
  • Handsets communicate with each other (conference and/or transfer calls) through the base station as internal extensions.
  • Our DECT systems incorporate voicemail/answerphone as well as PBX functions such as call logging and Least Cost Routing (LCR).
  • The IP500 comes with two dedicated ranges of IP DECT handsets, the Avaya 3600 DECT series and the Avaya 3700 DECT series.
  • The Avaya IP Office 500 system can support up to 32 incoming lines with Avaya IP DECT – ideal for businesses with high mobility users – together with voicemail, on-hold messaging and other options.
  • DECT is a mature technology that has gone through standardisation for quality of service (QoS) on the basis of 99.999% availability.

WiFi phone system

Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) using IP-enabled wireless data handsets was considered an inexpensive, reliable alternative to DECT handsets. WiFi models can be easily integrate with cordless phones to enable voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems.

This standard is used for home phones and business phones and can accommodate wifiphone calls.

WiFi phones pick up a wireless signal directly from your router, there is no need for base stations or other hardware.

The distance from the router depends on the strength of the signal – data is often confined to workstations and meeting rooms, not extending to staircases and doors.

However, WiFi phone quality suffers when competing with other data intensive applications and other voice calls. WLAN systems typically provide up to 7 active handsets operating per access point, but quality drops after 4-5.  

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